As a business person, it is important to pay attention to these social media campaigns, particularly as 45% of the world’s population are active on social media.


Even though every social media campaign can not achieve the same viral exposure as any other trendy viral challenges, yet there are several ways that you can try to improve your social media efforts.


Below, let’s look at the top suggestions of the social media campaign to pursue in 2020.


1. Creating Strong Social Proof


One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is you can always build online social proof. Your professional reputation is one of the most fundamental aspects of your brand. You can customize your brand on social media and speak directly to your clients.


You can create a hashtag for users to send testimonials in order to build social proof. In addition, you can share posts and interact with customers who mention your brand so you know the positive results that customers obtain from the use of your product or service. It helps to create social proof that their product works without any apparent advertising.


2. Publish Offers And Discounts Online


You may promote discounts and promotions on social media to support your marketing campaign. There’s even a special section on Facebook for deals. Discounts can help to raise awareness and create new customers who may not have tried your product or service.


3. Exhibit Happy Customers On Your Official Spaces


Your current clients are the best people to market your brand. Using social media, you can use your product or service to highlight happy customers and their stories by following them or sharing their comments. You should also allow consumers to share photos with your brand on their own and create a hashtag to promote it.


4. Host Contests


People do love winning free stuff and getting special deals — which is why content is such an effective idea for a social media campaign.

Able to host a social media contest is a great way of engaging, traffic and raise brand awareness.


You can operate a number of different types of contests, including requesting followers to tag a friend in the comments, answer a question in the comments, or send a photo of themselves with your product or service.

In addition, if you’re creating an ad campaign, you can host a casting competition and feature your customers in your ads.


5. Add Call-To-Action On Your Posts


Like in the virtual world, being mysterious isn’t going to get you far. If you want your buyers to do something about it, ask them to do it.

That’s what a call-to-action (CTA) does. By including CTA on all of your posts on social media, people are more likely to connect and participate.


CTAs can be simple— like telling people to sign up, sign up, read more, or comment below. CTA will improve your click-through rate (CTR), interaction, and effectiveness of your social media campaigns.


6. Put Together An Influencer Giveaway


Influencer marketing is not a passing fad.

Nonetheless, the influencer marketing sector is set to reach $9.5 billion by 2020. In addition, 70% of marketers say that influencer marketing is beneficial for their firms.


That’s why you need to think about putting together an influencer giving away the social media campaign. Operating on your partnerships with your industry influencers will help increase brand awareness and build social proof.

After investigating the influencers in your business, please contact them and recommend a gift.


7. Go Live Now


Don’t misjudge live videos when you’re bringing together a social media campaign.

In a recent survey of 800 respondents, 75% said they would rather watch a brand live video than read a blog, and 72% preferred live video to social media posts.

You can make use of this to your immediate benefit.

Try broadcasting a live stream, talking to your customers in real-time, or asking and answering questions. This will help you interact with your audience in a way that represents your brand. Through embodied your product, people are more likely to feel a connection to your business in the same way they feel connected to a friend.


8. Post The Behind Scene Contents


Content in the background is one of the best ways of communicating with your viewers.

You may keep current and prospective customers up-to-date by offering a look behind the scenes, speak about your squad, and create an emotional connection that makes you connected.


With either campaign on social media, content in the backdrop will show your persona and extend your content.


9. Plan a Viral Campaign


It’s an easy sentence to write to create a viral marketing campaign, but a hard idea to implement.

Respond to these questions as you plan your next social media campaign:


  • Is it appealing to your target audience?
  • Does it have powerful visuals?
  • Has it an emotional appeal?
  • Is that creative?
  • Is digesting and sharing easy?
  • Is the timing meaningful?


As the challenges of viral social media, designing some kind of digital competition that can easily include influencers will help spread the word.


10. Power Of Hashtags


Don’t miss to generate a hashtag if you’re hosting an event. You can address your points and keep track of them with a hashtag.

At MARKETO, for example, the hashtag of the event is typically #MRKETO19 (or any year it is). This hashtag helps HubSpot to curate content related to MARKETO, including the pictures of the participants at the event, and the testimonials/opinions of the participants on the event.


If you can get a demographic shift in the event hashtag, you can create more brand awareness and interact with your customers.


11. Socialize With Your Clients


When talking about interacting with your customers, you can specifically design a social media campaign to talk to your customers.

David Beckham, for example, did something called “MEBECKHAM” in 2015. That’s when he went on social media, searched for highly engaged fans, selected his top fans, then sent them presents. He also coined the term “Bechamized” for this method. When he posted on one of your comments on a Christmas tree, you’re getting a gift.


This is a great example of engaging with your audience in a way that doesn’t feel advertised, but still builds curiosity about the brand.


12. Delivering Educational Content


It’s effortless to get used to just posting on social media your services or products. It would be a blunder, though.

It should be informative and create value for your content. Tell yourself what value it will add to your followers when you create a social media campaign. That’s how you’re going to generate ideas for content that might go viral.


13. Embrace new platforms of social media


If a new social media platform is fully operational, then start running your social media campaigns on it, be an early adopter.

Your viewers will be more likely to see these ads as the platforms have not yet built complex algorithms.


In fact, you should always search for new opportunities to communicate and learn more about your viewers.


14. Re-produce And Re-use High Performing Contents


You don’t have to start from scratch each time you run a social media campaign. You can use outdated, well-performing content in the past.


Do you have a really large-downloaded podcast? Or a blog with the most views? This content can be recycled for social media. Creating and summarizing a video for Stories or IGTV in a caption.

Old subject matter/content is a great way to boost your campaigns on social media.


15. Create Exciting Segments For Visitors


Follow the footsteps of your most admired guides/mentors when you’re creating a social media campaign and create fun, entertaining segments just as you could for a television show. After all, most social media, like Facebook Watch or IGTV, have long-form video content.


This type of content can boost your social media campaigns ‘ traffic and engagement.

It’s not always easy to strategize social media campaigns. However, to get started, you could use this list.