Three Content Marketing Trends That you Cannot Miss Out this Year

Content Marketing

As technology undergoes change each and every second, you also need to be updated about these changes as a forward-thinking marketer. With the change in technology, the perceptions and preferences of your website visitors also change. Content marketing is the most sought after marketing strategy for technology-savvy marketers of today. It is the present and future of digital marketing. Content marketing is about disseminating relevant, consistent and valuable content to your audience, thereby attracting them and making them your prospective clients.

Content marketing distinguishes itself from other information garbage on websites because of its relevant content. Relevant content amplifies organic search. Listed below are 3 content marketing trends that you cannot miss out this year.

Content marketing and Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is impacting content writing in big ways. Artificial Intelligence can gather, interpret and handle huge amounts of data within seconds. With huge data,   marketers can develop content marketing strategies according to the preferences and demands of the audience. Also, segmented content marketing is possible once you know about the customer’s behaviour, shopping attitudes and patterns as well as their location. AI content personalization- personally relevant content increases the purchase intent. AI content personalization- personally relevant content increases the purchase intent.

Google introduced a game-changing, machine-learning algorithm RankBrain to support Hummingbird, a search algorithm used for providing results quickly and precisely. RankBrain interprets the context of the content and shows users pages that consist of information related to what they searched for. These pages may not be displayed firstly as they may not consist of the intended keywords. 

Content marketers of today face this challenge of AI scrutinizing their content and ranking it accordingly. Now it is their turn to optimize their content as well as the theme so as to be interpreted and ranked first. Google is making these search algorithms more complex in a way that it can understand not only semantics but also concepts and even your feelings. Thus, marketers will have to shift their focus from keyword-oriented content to concept-oriented content.

Augmenting your content for voice search 

Optimizing your content for voice search will help you get ahead of the competition. With the increasing popularity of devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and  Apple Siri, it is predicted that half of the searches will be voice searches by 2020. Voice searches are mostly used when a person is moving. Inconvenience in typing is what calls for the need for a voice search.  So, your content shall be optimized by context and should be platform friendly. 

About 67 million voice search assisted devices will be in use by the end of 2019, says Adweek. Your voice serves as the main signal for the elaborate data grid known as life. 

One of the most important factors that you have to note here is to make your content top the result page as featured snippets. Featured snippets provide precise and summarized information about your search query. It benefits the website by increasing its traffic to many folds.

Influencer collaboration.

People tend to trust social proof and recommendations from real people than advertisements from brands. Influencers are trusted by the people way too easily. They have the ability to make people loyal, thereby adding to their own popularity across brands across all industries. Influencers of your niche creating content for your websites adds credibility for your product and helps in building traffic. Influencer marketing can be done through social media proofs, gifting your products or services to influencers, allowing blog posting by them etc. Interacting with influencers and building a bond with them adds to their trust and active involvement with you. Many brands take it to another level by making their influencers ‘brand ambassadors’ or faces of the company. Valuable rewards can be brought into your company through meaningful influencer collaborations.

Content marketing cannot be confined to just blogging. It is marketing social media content, videos, podcasting, e-mailing and so much more. Types of content vary with the type of platforms for which it is prepared- videos for youtube, content for Facebook and interactive content like the AR lenses. 

In order to perform well in marketing nowadays, you have to stay updated about these trends and implement it wisely. Editorial calendars that align with your business goals can be prepared so as to be ahead of the race.