In this age of digital transformation, around fifty per cent of internet users are on social media. They use it daily by using huge amounts of data on such platforms. This data is very beneficial and valuable for social media lead generation. Marketing personnel can use it to target their audience directly.

The major reasons for this overwhelming manipulation are:

  • Marketing using search engines are getting harder and a bit complex. It becomes more puzzling with every latest update. Most websites which previously ranked better without zero effort, are now finding it hard to rank. So they began to search for alternatives that can help them ensure in digital marketing.
  • when it comes to the launch of a new website, even that too requires a lot of funds for getting it ranked for the keywords needs to on a search engine.
  • This process is very expensive too. If you are opting search engine marketing you’ be forced to pay more money than social media marketing where you can do that just by paying the one third which you should pay for the search engine marketing.

Social media campaigns have always remained an influential part of the digital marketing field. Throughout the early years, many people thought that social media is just another platform for the brand-building medium. And during that period, small businesses promoted their contents on social media. 

Experts are pointing out that marketing professionals or agencies should run an initial test on social media marketing with low budgets so they don’t have to bear any losses. They also added that setting a goal in mind before starting the marketing would give a boost to the promotional campaigns and results and it would also help to ensure the progress of their campaigns from the beginning itself. According to them, the process of lead generation is the main course of the sales process. It is essential to put the focus on it to start estimating sales. Today we have access to the most advanced technology, and there are many online lead generation techniques available as well.

For generating leads social media the first thing is to figure out is to decide which platforms do you need to use for your promotional purposes. so that, you can reach the audience whom you want to target. 

Some other points to remember is that when you decide to go for social media lead generation, always set goals, target the audience who would make your firm grow,  decide and opt the accurate and most suitable platform for running your ad- campaigns, after achieving a certain level of growth with steady revenue and sales do remarketing ideas and lead nurturing for making your business bigger and better.

Best Social Media Lead Generation Tips

Using Gated Content strategies

Social media marketing is all about connecting and engaging with your target audience. The more you are accurate at knowing them, the easier it becomes to target those persons who are more likely to be your customers.

Gated contents are actually the contents that are hidden behind links. They are the things you know your users will find helpful and worthy, and they’ll want to click on them. So what you should do here is that you should offer them something which you know that they won’t be able to resist.

The next thing you should focus on is that people who are interested will make it to your landing page and there they should be requested to submit their contact details. Once people start filling in their information, you’ll be receiving more and more information about them, which you can utilize to make more sales and steady revenue.

Conducting Contests

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone likes things when they are given for free! These kinds of contests and giveaways can attract tons of leads within no time, that’s a proven truth.

Running contests are good, but for those people who even bother entering, we need to give them something that they consider worthy. And it should not be too valuable, because you won’t be able to tell which leads are genuinely interested in your product/service and which entered the contest just for the sake of getting freebies.

Here,  what do you can do is that, Offering something that only your target audience will be interested in. This can be introduced in the form of a free app, a free add-on tool of premium service or a free upgrade to a higher tier of service.

The most useful way to conduct such contest on social media is through sharing, liking, following, commenting etc. This can ensure a large number of newcomers. You could collect many leads, in the end, using this technique.

Another thing to be done to ensure the genuine and credibility of the leads you receive is by adding an extra step to trace only the genuinely interested people. Only they will go all the way.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media is an effective way to get amazing results with the added benefit of cost-effectiveness. This is because social media sites are accessing so much personal information, interests, tastes and preferences users.

When running ad campaigns on social media, you can target the exact audience and set a specific amount of money that you’re willing to spend.

Facebook lead ads format works differently, in which customers, business and facebook are always connected, even without having to leave Facebook. Most of the facebook users tend to enter their contact details and other pieces of information on Facebook. Facebook automatically creates forms quickly, meaning that it only takes a few seconds for users to connect to facebook.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and all the Facebook lead ads can also appear on Instagram as well.

We should remember that Instagram will automatically populate forms with basic user information (name, email, phone number, gender and others).

Lead Generation – Smart Suggestions/Bonus Tips


  • Approach reputed Lead Generation platforms like Leadscribe. They use advanced technology and great crew of marketing experts; both combined creates better leads for every firm who are subscribing to their monthly premium subscription package. Through this, you can get daily get fresh enquiries for your business and you would be a beneficiary of their platform through their online advertising campaigns for your firm on almost all accessible ways through the power of smart and efficient digital marketing strategies! the surprising fact of their service is that you only have to pay for the valid leads you receive and you’ll be reimbursed in case of a spam/invalid lead. By their shared marketing methodology, the cost of a single lead will be distributed to multiple companies, and thus your cost per lead will be reduced drastically. This method helps to get you several times the exposure you would have gotten from doing it your own!



  • Social media listening: It’s necessary to be aware of what’s happening around your industry at any given point in time. Observe crucial keywords to find out what people are looking for and what’s their new interests. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn about people just by looking at the things that they search on the internet!