Setting up the credibility of a brand is just not something you’re going to do overnight. It takes a lot of time, hard work, commitment and an excellent communication plan.

But bear in mind that if you are the last to defend the value of the products and/or services you offer, you basically can’t get anywhere. That’s why you need to spread the good word to your clients and users.

In reality, when 78% of consumers accept online reviews as much as their personal advice, it is clear that consumer review is a must if you want your enterprise to withstand the increasing competitive edge.


Throughout this blog post, I’ll show you four strategies to get more customer feedback with the help of social networks.


1) Allow reviews anytime If available


Organizations used to place more emphasis on Google and Yelp, but with about 2.7 billion users on social networks globally, it’s reasonable to assume that social networks are a treasure trove for customer reviews – if you know how to do it right.

Let’s explore how feedback on major social media sites can be promoted.


Maybe Facebook is the biggest platform through which you can get feedback. Yes, it may be the only social networking site where consumers can directly leave a business score.


Nonetheless, in concern of attracting negative reviews, most companies accidentally disable feedback on their Facebook page, but without any reviews at all, consumers are much more likely to shift on to the next company. In fostering product loyalty and credibility, consumer rating is crucial, and the more Facebook ratings you receive, the more likely it is to leave a lasting impression.



It can be more difficult, yet not impossible, to still get feedback via other social media platforms like Instagram. So, what you can do is:


  • Share experiences with others. Storylines can be extremely powerful in getting customer feedback once you understand how to use it. One great attribute is that you can use is question stickers on Instagram. Also, add them to your Instagram stories makes it possible for your followers to ask you a question that gives an example of what your consumers are actually looking for. The simple act of trying to answer questions makes you and your followers more engaged. In order to get attention to your stories, it is crucial to be imaginative and crafty with your visuals. Try out these ways to boost your Instagram stories and help you contend with the biggest brands out there.


  • Conducting Polls. This survey helped firms to compare and contrast their products and to recognize current trends (so they won’t have to spend time on things that didn’t appeal to the general public) and help them recognize the audience that they are targetting.


Likewise, if you have an account on other social networking sites, because of the site’s focus on immediacy, you may still want to form your involvement on Twitter, which allows you to recognise useful brand discussions and discover the customer pain points that you can (hopefully) resolve quickly.


In addition, people don’t filter themselves as much on Twitter as on other social media sites, so you get a better picture of what your customers really want and need.


You can also create a Twitter poll, just like Instagram, which gives you a greater insight into the choices of your audience. To get started, simply open a new Tweet and then select the “poll” icon.


2) Recognition and response to feedback


When you begin, you may find it hard to have feedback for your company. After a time frame of good experiences, it is unusual for customers to take the action to leave behind feedback, so once they do, be sure to appreciate the customers who have taken the time to give a review for your firm.


This act of showing gratitude develops the interaction and helps the company to talk to more further clients. In fact, other consumers who see you acknowledge to comments are allowing them to say what they’re discussing about. Through this, you’re also unlocking up an occasion to point your clients to your owned website and other sites where they can express your products even further. 


3) Make it so easy to revise


Have you ever wonder why angry customers are more likely to leave evaluations than content ones? This is because writing a review needs some effort, and very often people will only give feedback when there’s something in it for them (getting an issue solved) or if they’re so frustrated that they just want to rant regarding a bad experience.


Obtain poetic customer reviews from happy customers

Thankfully, it’s simple enough to leave reviews on Facebook, but if you want to encourage those customers to leave reviews on their own website or third-party sites, be sure to keep things simple.

Find doing it like Walmart if you want to hear their feedback in detail. While offering users the option to leave a detailed review, customers only need to leave their rating.


4) Do Not Neglect the Importance of Negative Reviews

Don’t worry if the blend contains any bad reviews. In reality, for the following reasons, you can resist the urge to erase negative reviews:


Poor reviews will validate your product. Negative comments, particularly those published on 3rd-party web sites, may help customers find out more about your company and increase awareness of your product.

Negative comments assist consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. Not too many negative reviews were due to the poor quality of the product or service and support. Often, products or services does not serve the needs of the consumer. An unsatisfied customer’s review will not necessarily scare away others who find the product or service helpful to their particular needs.

Poor reviews are helping businesses get stronger. Negative reviews will help an organization identify resolve and optimize the specific problems that customers face.  The fact that they keep this review online shows that they are listening to public issues and are aware of them.

Negative reviews generate popularity and SEO. We need to recall that any content published about your business, whether negative or positive, is exposure. In addition, even negative reviews can help you aim your customers as well. And would also enable you to search for long-tail keywords.


4) Fix Complaints From Clints   

Acknowledging positive responses is vital, but addressing complaints from customers is even more crucial, if you are not able to outrun that then it will definitely push your business away.

Even if you acknowledge the issue and provide an honest apology, even if you feel you are not at fault. It’s worth mentioning that not all reviews are accurate, and in some cases, it’s actually the customer who’s in the wrong. However, by taking the high road, you’re showing your audience how dedicated you are to providing exceptional customer service.

Lastly, you’d want to take these complaints constructively and apply changes as necessary. What’s the use of apologies if you’re not going to do anything about your mistakes?

Not that all clients are just the same, there are so many more who admire how the group treats issues like this, even if one managed to get away disappointed.

The negative responses you have on other sites could even be illustrated and added to your social media channels. In this way, you can demonstrate your followers how you dealt with the issue at hand, which is a positive way portrays your trade.



Across the years, customers have become smarter and therefore know better than putting the word of your company on feedback from real people. Through taking advantage of the system of social networking sites and word-of-mouth feedback, you will turn consumers into supporters and be well on your way to improving the role of your company in the market.