You may choose to be on so many popular social media sites. But unless your main objective is to interact in the best possible way with the best decision-makers and business people, LinkedIn should be your destination to be.


Involvement on LinkedIn is going through the roof, simply because people are interacting at ridiculously high rates with all types of content and that engagement will always go higher. Notably for video.


Whereas the persons you want to meet may also invest time on twitter or YouTube, at the right moment and in the right frame of mind, you want to draw their attention. That’s all that’s exceptional about LinkedIn. 


Whereas users on Facebook or twitter are on the sites since they have to flee from their life for a couple of minutes or hour. So, people on LinkedIn actively choose to spend most of their time on the site because they choose to connect and find ways to develop their organization.


So, here are five simple steps you can start using to attract hot LinkedIn leads:


1. Find Out Your Ideal Client


First of all, What exactly are you looking for on LinkedIn? Why you’re on this platform? What do you hope to accomplish from here? Yes, with more revenue, your final goal is to develop your company into new heights. 


We buy from people we trust, though. So you need to communicate, inform and stimulate your ideal customers with your content before rendering a selling proposal. LinkedIn would be the final destination to accelerate a deal on the web. Yeah, you can create unique collaborations and sell high tickets, but that’s only when you’ve developed yourselves in your niche as a committed guide.


And that is why you desperately need to learn who will be on LinkedIn your potential customer. If you realize whom you’re interacting with, creating interesting content is just so much simpler.


So, using these given questions, you can narrow down your perfect customer:


  • how does one go about for them since they charged you and you put yourself in the work?


  • Just what would you provide for your perfect customer?


  • How would you do this?


Addressing these puzzles will bring you a few valuable observations into your ideal client’s mindset and expectations.


2. Customize Your LinkedIn Profile


First, you need to have a decent selling site to convert your LinkedIn account. You need it to respond directly and explicitly with your ideal customer, and only to them. That’s where you address their perceptions of distress and some of their concerns and making them feel that you somehow consider their question.


It’s now time to convince everyone that, without even being a huge salesperson, you can fix their problems. Now follows some social facts and previous customer testimonials to tell them that some people have overcome exactly the same problem.


They will consider you as a go-to specialist in their field when they start reading your page.


3. Build Purpose-Oriented Content


So far, the LinkedIn profile has been configured and the ideal customer has been obvious. Then it’s time to pull them into the [ your profile] sting operation. Using your content you do it and you communicate with one another. 


LinkedIn helps you to write articles publicly on the website, just like blogging. That is a brilliant way to put yourself in your environment as a trusted advisor and rank higher in the algorithm. 


Remember such metrics while writing articles:

  • Use a solid headline, abundant in keywords, and a premium quality photo. 


  • Compose content that brings real value to the business and life of someone else. 


  • Elicit feelings via stories and ask questions that make people think.


However, just ingest this in your mind when you attempt to create anything:


  •  Browse and scroll through the LinkedIn Homepage. Can articles could stop you from browsing? Which brought you to a halt?


  • Visit somebody’s page that you admire for their material of quality. What layout are they using? 


  • What are the things they are talking about? What answer are they receiving? 


  • Do they ask for the views of their followers and then respond to them? 


 Read your current posts now. If you were your perfect customer, would you take the time to read them? Why isn’t it?


From this day forward, remember the post that makes you stop surfing and ask why you’re being drawn to that specific content each time you get through your LinkedIn feed. Then seek to have your own community to build something close.


4. Each day, add extra connections




Sign in to LinkedIn each day and search your ideal customers and communicate with a minimum of 10 new people. Preferably, there’s even more.


Go to the search bar and set up an advanced search. Just search for links in the second degree and use specific keywords. And attach your perfect user to the title that will appear on LinkedIn. It could be the shareholder, creator, chairman, CEO, associate, etc. Don’t quit unless you add at least 2000 highly focused contacts and delete the existing list of obsolete contacts that you would never purchase. Bear in mind that you transform your page/profile into a cookie jar that will draw your ideal customers.


5. Engage periodically



We’ve had previously discussed that one title, the one that inspired the creation whatever you do in a single phrase and accompanies you as a gross puppy on LinkedIn?


Great, as when you start talking to people in your field, that’s what will benefit you a lot. Ideally, pick 3-4 appropriate keyword[ again, the faster, the bigger] and continue searching for content underneath these keywords.


Instead leave few comments for one week for each of these terms and see what’s going on. 


That strategy alone could create dozens if not thousands of people to check out your LinkedIn profile, but if it must be written properly with your potential client in mind, it will bump them to contact you, send you messages, and click any URLs you’ve mentioned on your profile.


Therefore, the further you comment on the material of the same user, the greater the probability that you will be at the top of their feeds every time they get into LinkedIn.


Wrapping Up


Your task on LinkedIn, at the end of the day, is to connect with your potential customers and open the way for lasting relationships and connections. When you discuss their pain points, goals and desires, you will be a trusted advisor in your niche and stay at the top of your mind when your services are needed. And for them, you’re going to be the one to go!