5 Simple Tips to Generate More Business Using LinkedIn

Linkedin Marketing

“LinkedIn is one of the most overlooked and underrated social media platforms for marketing” according to social media expert, Niel Patel. Many wrongly assume that LinkedIn is not used regularly or that it is more efficient to generate business on larger platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They also assume that since you can only connect with the people you know, there is no scope for generating new leads. But these myths break down at the power of this platform’s potential. 

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals that has over 610 million registered members in over 200 countries. It had humble beginnings in Stanford graduate Reid Hoffman’s apartment in the year 2000. Their mission to ‘ Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful’. Over the years they have created over 11 million jobs, registered more than 18 million companies, given 50 K skill courses and 29 K schools have registered online. Executives from all the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn and 76 percent of business executives is said to check their LinkedIn profiles everyday. Think about LinkedIn in simple terms is the largest well organized virtual networking event in the world, where users update theirs CV’s complete with work experience, education,training and skill sets. This can be viewed by anyone on the platform, and you can connect with other professionals similar to making friends on Facebook. So, LinkedIn is not a large virtual storehouse of a ton load of resumes but rather an online professional platform. Where users can find solutions and discover new business possibilities. Below are 5 tips to use LinkedIn to generate more business today.

5 simple tips to use LinkedIn to generate more business

  • Put your best self forward 

The profile of a business should convey in a clear and concise manner, the answers to the following three important questions. ‘What do you do? , Who do you do it for? and why you should be chosen?’


  • Make connections 

LinkedIn gives you a goldmine when it comes to business leads, the ‘people you may know section’, where LinkedIn gives you a list of suggestions of people you may know. Even though it is a virtual world here, it is wise to only connect with people you know personally. Don’t get the wrong idea here, LinkedIn is a tool to help you connect better with professionals around the world, but it is not a substitute to growing your network by building bonds and connections in the real world. Once you do, use the platform to enhance that business meeting. 


  • Grow your leads

Make sure your connections don’t go stale. Sweep through them and make a list of people you want to follow up on, keep in touch with a message (Inmail) or call and set up a meeting. It is always better to know your connections personally, but still you can sometimes bend it make use of the virtual platform to introduce yourself to someone who might further your business objectives. 


  • Nurture your clients and prospects

Spend some time every day to check on your clients and best prospects. If they have a page , follow them and keep a tab on their movements.


  • Join groups and Post updates

Create interesting posts and share them on LinkedIn, this can be viewed in the news feed of all your connections. Make sure you don’t sell anything here, but genuinely connect with your network by sharing valuable expertise or even fun experiences from your particular field of work.