6 Creative Marketing Strategies for Small Travel Agencies

Marketing Strategies for Travel Agencies

Wondering how your small travel agency with financial constraints can survive in today’s competitive tourism industry??? Investing in marketing research as well as employing different marketing techniques definitely helps in boosting your business. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a huge sum like the big agencies. Whatever you have in hand must be spent wisely. Here are some easy and affordable marketing strategies that have a proven history of success for small travel agencies.

1. Build A Trusted Brand

Explain to your audience “Why your company stands out from other brands” and “What does your company provide that others can’t?”, then differentiate your brand. They will start pondering the facts and figures of the notion you have presented. They will be impressed when you find that you have relevant details and social proofs of what you explained. It adds to the credibility of your brand and increases the loyalty of your customers.

2. Make Yourself Platform Friendly

This is the age of proliferating smartphones. People randomly switch between mobile and desktop. Most mobile travellers turn to their smartphones for immediate answers and look for ideas and compare travel expenses, while the majority of desktop travel searchers may be (or may not be ready) to purchase or book a reservation.

When mobiles allow customers to make spontaneous decisions, desktop searches give them authenticity. According to a recent Google study on the digital journey of a customer, 90% of bookings happen on desktop. Being visible throughout this mobile-intensive journey of the traveller can help a brand stay top-of-mind during his/her path to purchase.

3. start your Own Business Travel Blog

Following other travellers, experiences and suggestions are a common trait among most of the travelling people. Whenever a traveller plan to start a journey, he/she prefer to read some travel journals or blogs shared by experienced visitors.  So it is an added advantage for your business if you start a blog and enrich it with useful messages including the cheap but valuable tourist routes, tourism tips, personal trip feelings or thoughts and much more. Thereby, attracting more traffic to your business websites.

Make your business blog stand out by embedding a travel brochure and rich media in your blog. Most importantly see to it that, when you publish your blog to a cloud platform, it will be much easier for you to embed your animated tourism brochure in your blog by just copying the embedded code in your blog.

4. Make Your Website Professional & Valuable

Build a travel website for your agency in a unique way consisting of your company’s logo, images, etc and design a professional home page to capture wider attention. This travel website can also be used to get a customer’s data and even build up a customer database. Make your landing page more attractive and call-to-action buttons tempting. Learning from customers’ behaviour is beneficial for developing travel business.

Also, ensure that your website is beneficial for visitors. Provide valuable and practical advice on e-commerce and online marketing. This content is effective to attract online visitors worldwide.

Try to make a striking travel ‘flipping book’ and insert it into your website so as to increase the page views and website traffic. With multimedia elements and animations incorporated, customers will get to know your company and travel business more deeply. With a custom domain, loading logo, reader logo and even bookcase logo, you will be able to market your brand online creatively.

5. Exhibit Photos of Incredible Travel Stories

Photos record amazing travel experience. Therefore, you can showcase those scintillating photos on social media platforms where people are likely to engage. They share these stunning photos with their friends, thereby building awareness of your travel business.

6. Incorporate As Many As Possible Videos In Your Website.

Videos are a powerful strategy to promote travel and tourism companies. Most people prefer getting visual information and illustrations than reading bulky passages and long messages. You can easily make videos on the product, brand, corporate and ads, micro-film or other similar videos to impress people. Videos are so dynamic in nature that it leads to the visual presentation of your company. Videos are flexible, interactive and sensible that they form your unique weapon to develop and realize travel business goals. After making videos, publish them in all video websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and the like to increase publicity. They are very effective in exposing your business to potential customers.

After all, all these methods help you to keep in contact with your clients which is crucial for developing your business. When developing your marketing plan, look out for similar creative ideas that will lure your intended customers.