In the marketing world, content marketing plays a crucial role for businesses to balance, or even get recognised. We all know that; so, we are going to discuss in this post is the growing importance of content marketing. We’ll also discuss how to avoid Flaws in your B2B content strategy as well.


Let’s move on to the with two important quotes regarding content marketing investment:


  • “The creation of Content is the domain of content marketing where there has been the most reported boost in spending over the last 10 months (55%).” —Content Marketing Survey Report


  • “Almost 35% of B2B marketers continued using content with no distinct strategy.” —B2B Marketing Network


Sort of baffling, isn’t it? We spend more money on content creation, but around 40% of us are squandering that money away, aimlessly.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to the point:


1: Writing Blog Posts With Effective SEO


Without a proper SEO strategy that follows with your brand, you aren’t fully utilizing the power of blogs.


In this time and generation, we have rapidly shifted from optimizing for better rankings to optimizing for Further discoverability. It’s absolutely about understanding users intentions, passions, state of mind, a variation of thoughts, implying connections, understanding entity-relationship illustrations, etc.


It’s all about thinking out what exactly your users want, even when they don’t know that your business solution can be the answer to their prayers.


We live in a world of increasing demands, where our leads or prospects have completely restructured the whole idea of marketing. There are many sport and data overload, so it’s necessary to make your B2B blog stand apart and stand out. From my experience, clients do focus on branding and trend (which is significant), but SEO always comes secondary—which always has been the most significant missed opportunity.


Key aspects to remember:


Appoint someone else to create your blog strategy from an Experienced SEO viewpoint, suitably a content marketing agency, or an agency that serves SEO AND content.


Always remember the insertion of catchy and engaging aspects to your blog and blog content (like other types of content such as infographics, videos, webinars, etc.) and other online digital activities, attributes as well.


So, do not try to take the burden of managing everything by yourself. Because one cannot afford the time to appropriately focus on business and blog at the same time. The same applies to in-house teams as well. Ultimately, you’d surmount to a point where you’d need to approach the digital content creation services and relating experts that are outside of your organization. 


Major Advantages:


Writing blog content is a massive investment. Combine outside help, if not for writing, then certainly for SEO strategy. Ultimately, 62% of B2B marketers think that SEO generated the most number of leads than any other marketing channel.


2: Having a Documented Content Strategy


What do you know about “documented content strategy, ask yourself!

Simply put, it’s a living and breathing document that highlights your content marketing intentions, the works you’d have to make to achieve those objects, and how you’d calculate the success or failure.

But that’s only a good documented content strategy. 


A great documented content strategy will always address the hurdles and challenges that your business faces and it’ll help you to become number 1 in your industry. But all of these are applicable, only if you are using a perfect documented content strategy. 


You would know how essential that is. If you lack this attribute, then you’d only have yourself to blame for the doom of your firm’s outreach. The source of your organization’s content needs to come from you, and your executive team.


Remember and implement this fix ASAP. Because Time is money!


3: Make Use Of Qualitative Personas


This also aligns with a section of your documented content strategy. 74% of the most successful B2B content marketers are using personas to generate valuable content. They say that they directly communicate with their customers to gain a better and deep-rooted understanding of their target audiences, their needs and changing wants as well. 


Personas also help in the creation of a brand experience that is unique to the business’s solutions. It will be of huge help to attract the right kind of talent for the job openings you have.


So, using your documented content strategy, you could create personas too. In this particular instance, involving your sales or customer support team might be beneficial for you—as they’d have a better knowledge of how customers/leads reach out to your business.


If you have personas, evaluate if they’re above your marketing goals—especially concerning content. If you don’t, start moving, right now! 


4: Bring Duly Changes to SEO and Search Algorithms


According to the Leading Content Marketing Experts, 58% of B2B marketers expressed that changes in SEO/search algorithms are one of their top content marketing concerns.


What’s your take on that?

So, most importantly, Google and all other prominent social media platforms are mainly designed for its users, not for websites. Above all, Google ranks pages, not websites! This is a key matter of concern that marketers often forget. For Example, if you are searching on Google and the top search result was the page with minimal content quality and less popularity!


Still, it ranked number one? Do you know why is it so?

Google considered that the page would be the most capable one for answering the user’s query. So is it always about writing long blog contents, bungled up, and producing contents only for the sake of producing?


Of course not!


So, the major thing you should remember that you should hire a content marketing service or an agency who understands search behaviour because it’s what they do. It can be a total game-changer for your success! 


So, to the best of my knowledge and experience here, writing content is certainly not the sole problem. The major problem revolves around producing quality content and the lack of SEO in the content strategy.


To Grow Efficiently, you need to have an SEO strategy that Strengthens your content performance; it’s as simple as that.


5: Significance Of Video Content 


We live in an instant satisfaction providing a world of marketing. In other words, if there is a problem, there’s always an alternative cure here!


Don’t know how to cut a pomegranate? You’ll probably YouTube it, or even better, Google it first. Won’t you? Yeah, you are It’s very likely to search for a solution.


Have you ever thought about it? Just think about it then. Videos are the best way to provide an accurate and better solution. So, the point here is unlike textual content pieces, videos can directly present an answer; even though, this can be very tricky in the B2B world. Sometimes, You may not be able to easily record some footage relating to your product and it’s promotion. So, presenting what you want to express to your clients is easily possible by creating a teaser and show what your products or services can do, rather than revealing your entire system or product secrets and it’s a marketing strategy. Thus, a video could be your biggest asset and a better helping hand for the conversion process.


It’s a proven fact that video marketers get 60% more qualified leads in a year without a doubt! Videos can be used as a perfect channel to communicate what you have to offer.


What you should note here is that videos aren’t limited to only your products, you can also merge them in your blogs and you may conduct interviews, create webinars, join discussions and even appear on television! Think about it! You may also share your company’s culture and many more.


The Quick Hack:  If you need guidance regarding this, then just ask! Tell your marketing crew to look into this aspect and tell them to analyze what your competitors are doing.


These video marketing efforts will certainly support your organic growth. So just give it a try!


6:Think About Customer Journey & Engagement With Content


Every organization look at content as a direct sales channel. There is a huge lack of patience here concerning the time it takes even before the published content can make any progress or development. The problem really emerges from the fact that a single piece of content that is produced is primarily compared against how much money it has gathered so far, versus how much engagement it generates.


Here, the point is that you need to nurture the relationship you’ve built with your clients/viewers and prove to them that what you’re saying would be beneficial for them.


it’s important to note that, content making money without engagement is a rare thing to see. It’s precisely the essence of the content. 


The Important Thing To Note: You need to pay more attention and importance to engagement and user experience with content—as a measurement of performance. And keep track of what kind of content creates the maximum opportunities and what doesn’t. what you need to do to optimize engagement, face user needs, and become a credible authority in your industry.


Being seen as a reputable, trustworthy, and an expert is a huge plus for your growth.  So, If you want your content to make money, perform well, or generate leads then you should develop pieces with better user engagements.


Here, your content is the thing which provides leads. So those contents should meet user expectations and they should satisfy them. Writing content for discoverability, engagement, and knowledge nourishment is the key point to remember and apply.


In Conclusion


Content will be a huge factor for your growth in the market. Use it efficiently and intelligently. And above all, always search for better contents and start experimenting. Trying new tactics and build an empire of your own!