6 Practical Tips for Travel Businesses to Increase your Sales

Travel Business Marketing

People love to travel to new places to get themselves entertained, learn new things, new lifestyles and new cultures. With this trend growing at its highest pace, businesses are quite profitable in the tourism industry.

Just like any other company increasing sales is the number one focus of a travel company. The competition is getting rough and abundant in the travel industry.  New travel agencies are popping up in every nook and corner of places. Every one of these agencies is fighting to place themselves among their niche and earn profitable parts. Many of them lose focus while competing for their fair share of customers.

Here are certain tips you can use to keep the customer in focus, increase sales in your travel business and build a brand that will help you book more trips.

1. Highlight The Benefits Of Your Travel Products And Services

Instead of trying to compete with your competitors, highlight the unique benefits of your service. In order to do so, you need to create a speciality. To generate that, you need to do something that can help you to get specialized in a particular place or field. It helps you to convey better information to your customers than other travel agencies.

Reviews from satisfied customers that highlight all the positive aspects of the experience they’ve had with your agency might also give your travel agency an advantage over your competitors.

Post testimonials from satisfied customers proudly on your company’s website and watch as you attract new potential clients. Your target customer favours you as they get better information and quality services than other of your competitors.

2. Interact With Customers On Social Media Platforms

Social media is a necessary addition for the marketing strategies that you devise to boost your sales. Travellers, regardless of any age, are using social media networks, where they talk about travel products, share experiences, or express their choices.

Social media allows you to communicate with clients or potential clients in a different tone and format than any other marketing channel. The various platforms allow you to get to know your customers and to build and establish relationships.

You can give your expertise to those who ask questions and establish yourself as an authority figure, while also bringing in new leads because you have a known name and voice.

Use images, videos, questions or statuses to initiate conversations and motivate potential clients to follow you. Listening to their comments and receiving feedback helps you plan better trips and choose better packages.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing, when employed properly, acts in your favour. The most important thing is to prioritize your content. There’s a bulk of new content being published daily on all sorts of topics. Make sure you don’t overwhelm your target audience with too much information.

Storytelling is still the key to getting people to notice you. That is you need to create quality content on the matters that are relevant to your audience and clients. Longer content still ranks better than short blogs because people are not into lightweight content having no value. You should aim to provide useful information.

Not every content needs to be promotional. Produce different types of content that are digestive, educative and entertaining. Try spending more time researching on topics that interest people in your niche.

Use your social media account such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to tell a story about your business, tour packages, travel offers, and services.

4. Employ Influencer Marketing Techniques

Using online influencers as a way of marketing for hospitality and tourism agencies definitely works. Influencers are people who have established a followers base around their personal online brand like bloggers, YouTube vloggers, Instagrammers, etc..

They usually have a highly engaged audience. They have been creating content for a specific niche for a long time and their audience is always happy and even eager to see more from them.

All you have to do is to find an influencer that caters to your industry and set up an exchange. You help them create content and experience something new and you get to expose your business to a new audience, like, offering a few nights accommodations in exchange for a short video on a travel Youtube vlogger’s channel.

This exposure costs you very little out of pocket. When you start working with influencers with a larger following you may be required to compensate them further, but the exposure might get a little farther.

5. Give Challenges To Spark Interest In People

Challenges have become the most sought after online marketing strategy. Promoting your own challenge is easier today than ever because people are far more likely to participate and share with their networks.

You may challenge a group of people, your email subscribers or Facebook fans, to do something for a certain period of time.

Create a tricky or funny challenge related to your niche and get your existing followers spread the word via social media, word of mouth, mails etc. People are prone to sharing this kind of content and thus benefitting you in another great way.

6. Provide A Complete Travel Guide To Places That You Offer Them

To increase the influx of travellers to your places, give them a guide or travel book. Because you may be losing your potential clients due to the fact that they don’t know your area and you won’t be knowing it. An informative guide is something that they would consider extremely valuable in this case.

Make the guide readable and understandable. However try to make it skimmable, because only a very few people will read it word for word. Include lots of ideas for things to do and places to see, as well as all of the other relevant information about your area. Create a guide that has high-quality photos and professional design. Make people willing to pay for it, but give it away for free.

You now have a lot of creative ways to start marketing your destination, so don’t hold back. The worst kind of marketing is that which never gets done. So make yours a priority and give it a start at the earliest possible.