Social media can be used as a great way for entrepreneurs who own small businesses to connect with potential customers. If executed and implemented efficiently, it can become a giant magnet which attracts credible leads and potential customers. We can see some entrepreneurs who have built an entire business on a social media platform. But if you’re not doing it right, it can become as dreaded as a thunderstorm which drives away your potential customers and alienate them from you, because of unwanted deviations. It can also become a total waste of time, money and even your lives most precious moments as well.


So, before talking about the ways to attract more fitting customers and increased number of enquiries, traffic and sales (Lead Generation) through social media, let’s clarify the key aspects and the core of this very idea. We should understand that what we mean when we talk about leads and the process of lead generation. Leads are, quite simply, potential or most befitting customers who have shown some interest in your product or company and have provided the contact information of them, so you can use to follow up with more information regarding their identity and for future follow-ups. After getting a credible lead, you can pass these leads directly to your sales team or engage with them using a tailored content marketing program.


You still have some questions on this write? Did you know that 85% top decision-makers and potential consumers say they never respond to cold calls! On the other hand, 68.5% of buyers are ready to have a conversation and open discussions on social media.


If you’re not getting a steady stream of new potential customers, you’re doing your business in a doomful way. And you’re doing yourself a great betrayal too because lead generation is a key way to prove yourself that the value of social media marketing efforts and the following lead generation and the conversion will boost your small business to new heights.


The most advanced benefit of lead generation using social media is its ability to focus on highly qualified leads through advanced targeting. 


 So how are you going to use social media for lead generation? Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to start filling the sales funnel for your small business to grow with the maximum utilization of social media marketing and lead generation through social media.


1. Have a clear goal


Advertising on Facebook will certainly help your business to grow better, but it needs an investment, both in time and money. So, knowing exactly what you are trying to accomplish using social media. Your goals should be sales, leads, or both. But you should never run after mere things of zero value like likes, follows, or other impressions. Use Facebook for creating better leads and lead ads so you can track and calculate your results also. If you are a small business owner who advertises on Facebook yourself, you should have a crystal clear knowledge in ads you given in social media, the actual data about the sales or leads generated from social media and the worth and credibility of it.


2. Acquiring Leads With Objectives


You should always possess a clear strategy for steady sales and revenue. In the limelight of those key aspects of yours, you can start one by one with your top three marketing objectives, then you should evaluate how social media could help you out to achieve them. You should always be updated regarding the market pulse and the competition you are facing, or you’ll be left behind. Here, the main object of social media is to help you to reach your objectives in a certain period, otherwise, you’re just wasting time. You don’t have to think of social media as just a loudspeaker which will play loud and work for your business, but think about how it can help you reach your goals in an accurately efficient way and a certain period. So, always work to acquire leads with the backing of your clear marketing objectives. 


3.Invest your Money and Time on the Right Platforms


As an owner of a small business, you should be of the perception that you can’t over-invest in any of the social media platforms, without knowing the probability of the success rate that you’ll receive in the end. You should find out where your target customer spends more time online. And you should put avid efforts and concentration on that area. LinkedIn and Facebook are great platforms to promote any business/services if used efficiently. 


This also applies to anyone looking for career advancement or success, particularly those working in the fields of sales or marketing. Concentrating more on growing audiences and their engagement on LinkedIn and Facebook can unquestionably boost sales and conversion rates.


 It will also lead to amazing opportunities for collaboration with other potential investors as well. So, you should always show your presence, engagement and growing authority on such social media platforms, which you consider as of great importance and practical usage.


4. Stand out


Social media is personal. There will be a considerable number of contenders whom you have to face. So, if you don’t want to be swept away with the hurricane of overwhelming social media marketing experts and other potential competitors, what you have to do is, you should get above the noise. Be different. Because it’s your reputation, your job and the business that you are dealing with. So you need to convey your presence, personality and your very identity itself. Because in this world of social media noise, you need to stand out and be remembered always. Unless you would never make it till the end of the road.


5. Start Conversations on Social Media Platforms & Show appreciation for better engagement


The algorithm of Facebook is that they will use rewards posts that have a considerable amount of people interactions and discussions. If you are posting something but no one responds, then Facebook won’t show it to anyone. So, you should never forget to keep people on your website, and only they will be shown those posts and stories that people find interesting. So posting interesting contents and keeping people glued to it will be the better idea to perform. In the upcoming days, things are going to get more difficult, as Facebook announced that, they’re going to change their algorithm. So, they’ll now favour content from friends over companies and other pages as well. Another thing about Social media is that it’s not just a monologue where you can tell the world about the awards you’ve received till now, or the special deals on your products/services. It’s like an opportunity for you to connect with the whole world, in a meaningful way, with the people who have stood by your side in all your ups and downs. Remembering them and showing how grateful you are to them for their role in your success journey would help you to grow bigger and better. So, you should always find time to thank all of the persons who become as the milestones of your journey and try to connect with them through meaningful posts, comments and others to maintain a cordial connection with them. This will certainly bring a lot of good to you!


6. Be Visible & visual


Catchy contents will always find their way till the wallet of the customers! It’s a proven fact. So, attention is the key factor here. By adding short photos and videos to your social content might help you hit the target at peak time. And it will also boost the total engagement happening and is a perfect way for businesses with products to show off well. If you own a service-based business, you can add a photo with good quotes or a photo that enhances your text. And never forget to make use of visually-oriented platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms are great at visual content marketing.


7. Don’t try to do it yourself


As a small business owner, your time would be very limited, so can’t do everything yourself. You’ll have to deal with many things to run your firm successfully. In the rush of developing your small business, you’ll have to spend considerable time and money as well. So, it’ll be better if you approach any  SEO Service providing agencies who can handle Digital Marketing and Lead Generation. Delegating this social media marketing work to someone (or a team of marketing experts) will always help you to hit the right note. Though this cost-effective way you can add the cost of your social media strategy to your budget and save a lot of money. Eventually, you can make full use of all the resources you have and you can see the juice flowing back again!