7 Ways to Enhance Your Organic Visibility On Facebook

Yeah, you can’t believe it, getting your company’s Facebook posts viewed is becoming ever harder. Facebook shared some details (via their forum) about their adjustments in January and May, but well-informed analysts have seen updates every month in 2020 so far. We have also seen many social networks taking action in the same path: to compete over organic content posted by consumers to use only the most appropriate, most important, or desired formats.


What would that imply for a social networking professional or marketer? Your authentic Facebook posts can only be viewed by your harshest-core supporters (your most loyal fans) who have a record of listening to and spreading your content. 


Here are a few Dos and don’ts and helpful hints to tackle the improvements in Facebook’s 2020 algorithm and get the most productivity from your posts:


Do — Try Streaming a video live


Facebook claims it’s recommending content in the Facebook feed, amongst other recent changes. When a person views all or much of a single video, for instance, they are more likely to see related videos in their feed. Even, if the system is not in sleep mode, videos now play with the default sound of’ on.’ Perhaps this is the best time to upload more photos, and/or try Facebook Live? Maybe stream a conversation or an interview with an authority on the topic rather than (or beside) writing a blog?


Don’t — Go Live, When You’re Not Really live 


Unless you’re going for that “Go Live,” it might have been easier to be live footage, not either looping motion or a survey attempting to add up attention. Facebook has found on and is no longer promoting such tricks. They also clamp down on using live streaming to post violent scenes (to the tune of a hundred thousand new workers trying to identify and remove these materials).


Do— Encourage staff to spread their posts across their networks


Facebook says the News Feed supports the material of a user’s families, peers & “central meaning.” They tell us that those user-created posts are having 7 times more attention from a brand than a normal massage. It may be a perfect excuse to get your workplace engagement system introduced or re-energized, where you invite staff to share your content. Do not simply stay at Facebook, while you’re there, make sure to add other platforms.


Don’t — Tool people visit a full site with full of ads in it


The Facebook system now deliberately drags down pages with no subject matter and “disruptive, surprising, or deceptive advertising,” characteristic of fake news sites, and clicks on trap stories. So if there’s something like this on your site, it’s time to switch.


Do-Think Outside The Box & Attempt To Obtain Responses from Outside (“Like”) 


Reactions That could be better for you than you want. Even a “fearful” comment is used as a sign that individuals do not just skim and press on “like.” Perhaps with #FridayFunnies, you should have results, which produces some “Ha Ha” reactions. When I noticed another “grateful” reaction with a flower photo the other day, I found myself wondering if we should all continue to get updates about the businesses will be grateful to us. However, the option appears to have been a brief-lived test.


Don’t— Pester for shares or comments. Gain Them 


Be pertinent and participating, or at least have a great deal to offer. It’s a take on the classic “if you can’t do something good….” It’s easier to post a little less often, and when you do publish it, you have great content. This is not cool if fans miss the messages. Yet it’s much worse if they cover them because they are too commercial and not practical.


Do — Include all the Supporters in Applicable Advertising campaigns


It definitely appears to some in a pessimistic mood that Facebook is clearly endorsing ads / boosted content, if not flat-out, asking businesses to pay money for access that was once free. When you are advertising now, it may be worth having your current fans in your target market. If they are engaged enough with your enhanced content, Facebook can even agree they would like to see your organic updates.