It does seem that budding entrepreneurs almost always make the news and reap most of the acceptance and appreciation for their achievements. Just think of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook),  Pete Cashmore (Mashable) and Matt Mullenweg (WordPress)—all in their premature 20s, and hot on the list of successful businessmen. However, the creator’s age isn’t the prime factor deciding whether a company will be profitable or not. All such six successful businessmen, years respectively ranging from the 40s to 60s, show a company’s success may not be related to its creator’s age.


Indeed, it is argued that those starting businesses later on in life have a higher chance to succeed: research shows you seem to be twice the chances of starting a high growth start-up if you are 55 years old or older than your peers who are under 35. Unconvinced? Below are ten reasons you’d be making a smarter entrepreneur now than you’d while you were really young.


1. You have a lifetime experience


The most evident and unquestionable advantage of opening a business later on in life is that even in your new business you now have years of work and life experience. You’re well respected and you will have a business-savvy degree that you haven’t had in your twenties. In order to deliver your company the finest chance to succeed, you are much more cautious and capable of taking each step into the startup pathway (also the steps that are not very cool) one after another to give your company the best opportunity to succeed. 


Although you might not have practical experience across each sector of your venture, the significance of such activities as a business model, the development of a strong financial blueprint and comprehensive research and analysis is likely to be articulated. As well as you recognize who to help yourself with the components that you can’t do. That ends up making us reason #2…


2. You know more people (as well as they know more people)


You have probably built a broad and diverse network of colleagues at this stage in your life. And since a new enterprise often involves a neighbourhood to prosper, once you get managed to start your ties will be essential. Imagine about any of the professionals you have met into your life who can share their guidance or offer you support resources for your new business— lawyers, auditors, marketing professionals, risk plutocrats, financial advisors, property agents, employees, developers and authors. It takes time to build a profound web, but age is certainly a plus.


You also know the importance of networking with experience in the business world and, when required, can request presentations to relocate projects forward. It can often double or even triple your network, allowing you to start with all the manpower you really want.


3. You know how to set objectives and achieve them


Objective setting is an essential part of beginning back online a company and is necessary throughout its existence. We do not always know the power of intelligent objectives in our early years to get there from one position in life to the next. As an experienced target setter, it becomes a secondary process to outline the desired outcome and the actions you take to make this outcome a reality. Your experience of life will also help you stay factual, as you take various ways to reach your goals so that you can move forward more efficiently, more economically and in a constructive way.


4. You could have a shareholder advantage


Although it is also preferable for budding entrepreneurs to stakeholders, since it is quicker for them to acquire a larger stake in control and ownership the enterprise, it is arguable that old entrepreneurs provide opportunities for success due to the current results. Most enterprise-capitalists are searching for outdated, learned and suffered enterprises, who are “with us,” as per Marketo As Susan Schumpeter points out, the best stakeholders are opportunist, and they are capable of making a better investment by supporting the older and more experienced businessmen who have already made bad decisions.


5. You have also the experience and wisdom that’s priceless in today’s world



There was a financial shift over the last few years from advanced manufacturing to knowledge, which allows all of us to continue working well beyond the traditional retirement age. Age makes us as professional people and more worthwhile since it often brings us more expertise and practical skills. This also applies to businesspeople. This monetary change will assist older businessmen who later decide on to take advantage of that because your perspectives can be transformed into an incredibly wanted resource.


6. Financially, you are completely secure


Once you set up a business when you are young, you likely will juggle the costs of owning a business with the rest of your life’s significant investments that many of us face: mortgage payments, childcare expenditures, schooling, athletics, holidays, medical care, insurance, automobile payments, reimbursement of student loans, and pension savings. The elderly you get, the further inclined you are to have paid a significant proportion of the big thing while the costs don’t really go down. It gives you money to spend on your company. Moreover, the idea of starting a business becomes less risky because you have to lose far less if things do not work out technically.


7. You are truthful to yourself and self-confident


Do you know all these inadequacies that we’ve just discussed? Such failures also generate another great advantage in relation to the painful lessons learnt when you can rebound— it will enhance your self-confidence and make you better. Many young businessmen obviously have an elevated degree of self-esteem and confidence, but some of it comes out of sheer positivity that their corporate idea will become a hit. Positivism is certainly necessary to start a company, but when you are optimistic and rely on a record of success of proven results, it’s unsurpassed.


8. You didn’t make it before; You have Failed before


The downfall is indeed a part of human life and even the aged we get, the further we succeed. Even if you have two major faults in your list or 22, for two major reasons it is a great advantage. Moreover, the lessons learned are by far the most crucial part of each loss. Every failure has trained you why you want a backup plan, dedication and value. Second, you’re probably much less concerned about failure today than in your youth. Because fear of failure can lead to the inability to make decisions, lack of trust and failure, less than that to be scared can be a strong reason for the smoother start of elderly entrepreneurs.


So when you get older and sound like every year your shot at entrepreneurship fads away a bit, consider that again. This might just be the perfect time & place to start a new company and take the right step forward.