To improve the conversion rate of the website, several different landing pages, several colour combinations and calls to action must be tested–that’s common knowledge and that’s something all companies should do. While this tends to increase the conversion rates significantly, this is not the only thing you can do.


More can be accomplished for the purpose of generating the conversion rate, and the smallest change can sometimes lead to a dramatic rise in conversion rate. It should never be perceived as a change that is too small to be verified. Here, we have put together a list of six options to help your firm improve the conversion rate on your website.


1. Erase The Navigation Menu From Your Landing Pages


When a potential buyer visits your landing pages, What you want them to do is just one simple thing: convert! You might present them with a free gift or a demo in an effort to produce a lead, or you might be seeking to get them to make a quick purchase. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you are striving to fulfil– all you want them to do is stay on that landing page until they convert.


Erasing your menu from landing pages excludes any potential diversions. The final thing you desire from your visitors is to get distracted and click over to a different page and either lose interest or part without converting. Without a menu to operate to other pages you are pushing all of their attention on your proposal or offer, which considerably improves the possibility that they take action.


2. Prevent Any Use Of Outbound Links


 One internal link, which offers high value as when the link to the authority websites, for search engine optimisation. SEO professionals profess how an internal correlation is mandatory, but it is best, that never to use the connection to your own website or authority website, as it comes to your landing pages.


Just as we discussed in correspondence to the menu, links can distract your visitors from the offer they are offered. With minimal distractions, any client that hits your landing pages would focus 100% on the offer!


3. Using Badges Of Reputation/Certification


Is your firm certified by the Better Business Bureau? If so then sign up for their dynamic seal program, which enables you to advertise the BBB badge on your website and link to your BBB profile. Does your firm contain any certifications or has it been bestowed with any awards within your enterprise?


Publicizing these on your landing page increases trustworthiness and greatly improves website conversion rates. If you really need to witness the effect they can make split test two twin landing pages — one with the honest or credible badges and one without. What one do you think is going to function as much effective?


4. One Offer Per Each Landing Page


Usually, we will confront a business that gives the guest multiple offers on each landing page. Having reoccurring offers on a landing page can confuse the visitors and would drive them away. You must be able to draw complete attention on a single offer, rather than providing them with various options.


Producing independent landing pages for each bid would equip you to optimize each one more accurately as well. If you have multiple bids, it is harder to identify which one works and which isn’t!


5. Use The Titles On The Landing Page To Complement The Ads


It is crucial since your wording on the landing pages matches the wording you are reading once you turn up at your website. If the digital version of the landing page is dissimilar from the title that triggered your page to be clicked, then your conversion rates will be terrible. It is a smart way to enhance your conversion rates and minimize downtime when it comes to the language used on your landing page and ads.


6. Visualize Your Privacy Policy


Consumers are becoming more worried about privacy online, so make sure you have a detailed user agreement that explains what your firm does with their information. Even if you are just gathering mails, you want them to know you’re not renting or going to sell your personal information.


A simple message in your lead forms “Your data is secure with us” along with a reference to your privacy policy will increase the number of conversions created by your website. You can split this test again. Each website will be different, so figure out what the best response to your visitors will be. In our personal research, we found that in the footer of our website, a simple link to our privacy policy was enough.


Testing is the only way you can improve your website’s conversion rates. Every business is different, every market is different, and each target audience is different. Use the tips above and start testing different landing pages until you reach the desired rate of conversion.


7. The Best Free Website Traffic Generator; Google My Business


It may not cost you money to get free website traffic, but it will require effort from you. The effort you put in, however, will be the same as the traffic quality you generate. As described above, there is no point in getting more traffic to your website if those visitors are unlikely to connect with your pages, turn into leads, or become clients.
This is why the best free website traffic generator is reviewed by Google My Business.


  • It is free and easy to set up your listing 
  • Allows you to show up for searches relevant to your business and location
  • Increases your visibility on a platform whose users intend to purchase
  • Drives qualified traffic to your site and store 
  • Allows customers to post reviews and increase their presence even further.

Also, keep in mind that Google My Business: 

  • Allows you to find your business in mobile searches that have exceeded your phone. Using visuals to give consumers a sense of what it really is like to be in your business, removing the confusion that is a big barrier to entry.
  • Equip search engineers with the ability to interact directly with your business in your listing— increasing opportunities for engagement and new customer acquisition.


You can’t afford to have one as a local business despite the many advantages of a Google My Business page. Create and update your listing as much as possible.


So, always keep in mind that it doesn’t happen overnight to get more users to the website. It takes some effort, but for you, we already excluded the hard part: knowing what to do first. You can get the right visitors to your site by using Google My Business and the other safe networks listed above, and more importantly, more of those visitors converting into customers.