Why Digital Marketers Opt Cloud Marketing?

Cloud Marketing

What is cloud marketing?

Internet has impacted our lives in all ways possible. It has changed our ways of seeking knowledge, thinking, lifestyles, shopping and whatnot. Along with the flourishing of the internet, evolved cloud marketing. It has paved the way for a new online business environment where marketing is way easier than before.

Cloud marketing encompasses the online marketing efforts of a company to reach and interact with its customers. It stretches from the company’s website and social media channels to mobile strategies. From online stores to Twitter feeds, companies are now able to connect with their customers more intimately than ever.

The entire business model now uses only online tools and goes beyond the limitations of time and space. Online marketing requires no physical stores and saves our time by not making it necessary for us to go to a physical store and buy something. Hence, making businesses more profitable. When we buy or order something online, it reaches us in a matter of time.

‘In the cloud’ is a jargon in the online ecosystem. It refers to a document that is stored elsewhere in a ‘cloud’ or various cloud storage platforms like Dropbox which is easily accessible from anywhere, from any system that has an internet connection.

Cloud marketing has thus enabled marketers to connect with customers more instantaneously without even wanting them to go and check their mailbox.

Another important feature of cloud marketing is the personalization of content. Marketers are able to customize their website content with the collected information of the targeted audience base and accounts to their needs, preferences as well as their purchase behaviour. Personalization of content is done through blogs, search engines, digital ads and emails.

What are the benefits of cloud marketing?

1. Cloud marketing is economical

Companies now need not invest huge sums for advertising their product or services through print or television media. The advantages of cloud marketing range from relatively low cost to totally free. Marketing materials are now being distributed online, thus reducing the costs.

2. Cloud marketing increases customization

Online business portals are now turning more interactive. It allows business people to do more focused, relevant and effective advertisements.

3. Increases efficiency

Cloud marketing greatly reduces the time between planning and implementing an ad campaign.

4. Easy to implement

A marketing cloud needs no hardware for its work. It is based on the functioning of SaaS or Software-as-a-service model, where all you need is an internet connection. There are charges for upgrading new versions and is accessible from anywhere anytime.

5. Cloud marketing has mobility

Making marketing clouds makes it easy for marketers to gather, make, utilize and share data and access it from anywhere.

The goal of cloud marketing is just like any marketing initiative – to convince people to buy products. However, the tools used to lure customers are updating and always changing like Search Engine Optimization, web analytics, and design.

With cloud marketing implemented in your business strategy, you can send the right message to the right people at the right time through the right channels.