Finance advisors role involves researching the marketplace and recommending the most appropriate products and services that best meet the needs and demands of the clients and then securing a sale. Hence, they need to establish themselves as a trusted partner in managing their customer’s assets. Here are some quick tips to earn their trust and improve your business performance.

1. Lunch And Learn

Lunch and Learn is a trending phrase in the marketing world. Like the terms themselves suggest, ‘lunch and learn’ refers to having lunch while learning something. Go to the workplaces near you and give a 10-30 minute presentation on a topic your clients usually like to learn about, discuss the services you offer, and then leave a business card.

You may talk about all aspects of the business. It is not a time-consuming process. It also gives people time to enjoy their lunch break. It raises your profile in the community, to that of a thought leader in business.So all you have to do is show up, offer meaningful content and make new connections.

2. Host A Seminar Or Webinar

Seminars and webinars, similarly to lunch and learns, are both ways to reach out to audiences and educate them. They differ in the sense that one is done in-person while the other is done online. For a seminar, you have to find a time and location that are favourable to everyone. It is found that webinars provide more flexibility than seminars as it doesn’t have any limitations of space.

A seminar or webinar lasts about 30-45 minutes to one hour, and cover a few different specific aspects of one overarching theme. They are a cost-effective way to provide an educational opportunity for clients and prospects while marketing a firm.

3. Speak At Meetings And Local Events

This is not much different from lunch and learns, with the only significant difference being the environment and situation. Rather than planning an entire presentation and organizing something that takes up more time, do a short presentation of approx 5 minutes during a weekly meeting at a company. You can even do this at some meetings for local clubs in town such as sports, or organizations.

Local libraries, and other community organizations frequently allow free, local seminars on topics that benefit residents. Consider hosting a breakfast or daytime talk where you go over a common topic. Get creative and see if you can reach out to people effectively.

4. Publish Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the very easy ways you can provide value and advice to your customers. It helps you to stay on top-of-mind of your target market. A concise e-newsletter can be an adequate and affordable way to showcase your expertise and suggest both customers and prospects (all those people you meet at networking events) that they should be doing business with you.

Think of starting with a monthly email highlighting what is new in your business, and give them some advice or answer some frequently asked questions. Ensure to have every aspect of newsletter publishing considered before creating your first issue, including its purpose, budget, frequency, distribution method, content, and audience. From here, you can develop your newsletter and make it as elaborate as you like, maybe even adding some branded styling.

5. Create A Professional Website

This is a great way to practice a very modern marketing technique. Your website is a way for people around the world to find, meet and get in touch with you. It helps to generate more traffic to your company site.

When potential customers visit your website and leave their names and numbers for you to reach out with additional details, make sure you have a CRM software to keep their contact details organized.

6. Reach Out To The Media Persons

Try contributing to local publications in your area. Local newspapers are usually welcome industry experts whom people trust. It is always helpful to have a financial expert on hand, to call and reference if needed. Reach out to some journalists and see what they have with them to help you with. If you’d like to test out your writing skills, it might be possible to write a weekly or monthly column on financial affairs.

The impressive thing about this marketing technique is that it’s free, and targets people living nearby, giving you more chances of finding clients that are relevant to your ideal market.

Or maybe you can contact journalists or editors from a financial publication that covers financial planning, investing or anything that your targeted clients would be interested in. If a journalist is interested, make sure to include your contact information within the article.

7.  Sponsor Sports And Events For Youth

If you are looking for a way to reach out to all possible prospective clients in your vicinity, all the while giving back to your local community, sponsoring youth events or sports is a great way to do it. You can donate an amount to the local sports team, in exchange for adding your logo or name to their jersey or likewise. It also helps you in reaching out to the parents of the children participating in the sports activities and connecting with them by showing you care.

Sponsoring a local team or event gets your name out there in front of a lot of potential customers. It shows that you invest in and support your local community. Thereby making yourself an important part of the community.