With the coming of social media marketing, every brand on the planet is on a level playing field now, irrespective of its size or years of expertise. Consumers, armed with their like-minded users can ‘make or break’ a brand in this age. The way a new product is introduced to the world has completely changed the face. Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates, an integrated marketing and public relations agency sums this up nicely in his write up in a Harvard Business Review article “The Internet has changed the launch process—now companies seed products with influencers, leak information to reporters, bloggers, and consumers, live-stream launch events globally, and reward brand advocates with exclusives.” According to a survey by them, Facebook is now the second-most used source for new product launch information behind TV commercials. Being one of the big four technology companies in the world, they are rapidly changing the face of the game and your business needs to hop in on the action.

How to use Facebook for business?

So you have created a page on Facebook and have added a few posts regarding your business. Some of your friends and family have liked the page, and one of your creative posts hits the mark and a few users engage with your page by commenting and liking on these posts. But you are not the only one who knows this and uses it, with every ‘one person’ startup to large MNCs trying to grab the attention of a potential customer, you have to differentiate yourself and make sure you are heard in the sea of posts. Though it levels the playing field, it doesn’t make the game any easier. Below are some of the points you need to keep in mind when designing a social media strategy using Facebook :

1. Listen to your customers and competitors on social media

Monitor your competitors and analyze their strategies of social media engagement. After understanding your target audience and their preferences on a social media platform, you can support a new product launch using social media as a support structure. To achieve this feat, listen to your customers and their needs.

2. Create or capitalize on the customer’s emotional connection to the Brand

Understand and analyze the emotional response of the target audience to your brand and curate your posts to match this sentiment.

3. Build loyalty and reward brand advocates.

Create engaging contests for brand advocates and fans of the brand and reward them graciously. Rewarding brand advocates and fans with the chance to win products through social media drives engagement and repeat fans. New product launches lend themselves perfectly to these contests because brands can use product samples as giveaways to attract customers to use. This increases the reach of the brand and results in an increase in sales.

4. Let consumers be creators

Social media can allow consumers to create products for a brand. Taking suggestions from consumers before the manufacture of a new product lets your brand followers develop trust. Further, their interest in the company and its products grows with the approach.

5. Always stay ahead of the game

Your team should always stay one step ahead of the pack, with the latest trends in technology and the latest updates in the industry. Employ forward-looking thinkers who like to get to the bottom of everything and help them create effective marketing campaigns that capture the imagination of the audiences.

Keeping these five principles in mind, you need to design social media strategies that will lure your audiences to your honey pot and make that sale.