What is shared marketing?

Now a days, almost all companies do online marketing for accruing more customers. And when we analyse the results,

  • 20% are price conscious customers and not fit for their selling price.
  • 20% of requirements can’t be fulfilled by you.
  • 10% are either spams or job applications.

Which means, 50% of enquiries which are good and eligible to convert. Now the question is, If they need more leads, what they can do from this point? Increase their marketing budget? Companies are already spending huge budgets for marketing.

what is the solution?

Leadscribe combines similar companies in to a group and launch marketing campaigns for that particular group, instead of individual companies.  When these campaigns generate a lead, it will be distributed to all companies in this group.  Thus, cost of a single lead will be shared among them.

This will arise another question in your mind. “If the same lead shared with other companies, can my conversion rate become low? Actually not! Every customer posting enquiries online will do their own research before purchasing. When we offer quotes from multiple companies, it will stop their research. And in our case, we have an advantage, we know who the other competitors are.

By sharing leads, the enquiries which are not fit for your firm can be useful to other companies. Also, you can easily convert customers which other companies can’t fulfil.

To decrease the competition, we limit maximum size of a group to 5 companies. Which means a single lead will not be shared with more than 5 companies. In order to avoid only one or two companies of the group to get all the attention, we are constantly shuffling the companies in the group. These methods ensure that you get maximum conversions and that your company is constantly visible.

You keep your original marketing budget and we will get you four times the enquiries you would have gotten from doing it your own.