The term “engagement” is tossed around a lot in the field of social media marketing but few companies really know how to do it.

Brands might be playing the effortless game of tweeting, “gramming,” feeding Instagram, and Linkedin-ing notifications on products, services, and informative content, but very little engagement.

engagement is not just about involvement. You should be, well, engaging. The “Like My Page” in your business niche, is not going to work as you you expect it should be!


Let’s take a look at ideas that could make you a reckonable power. I grouped them into a list of AEIOUs. (I’d like to call it an acronym, but how can you pronounce the five vowels?) Let’s dive in.


A Is For Ask


Asking a question is the best way to approach others! And we need classy questions than the cliched usual ones! Because we should pull off something classy however not cheesy!


“What’s your name, then?” No, it won’t work. “What is your e-mail like? Perhaps it’s too heavy to come off. What’s more, then … “What’s your feeling about that?” There it is a winner!


We want to see things thought about. We just enjoy learning from other thinkers. Of course, they want us to know what they think.


Seek enticing the audience with one of the following strategies: “What do you think?”


  • Test their personality. Post a question asking people to discuss or weigh in on it.
  • Play the game “Test Your Knowledge.” It’s completely unstoppable.
  • Post an opinion poll. Creation of polls on Twitter and Facebook is quick. You expect to learn interesting information about them, in addition to engaging your followers.
  • Respond to my email address. Brand emails are expected to ask you to click-through to read, watch, and try or buy something, but how often do they only ask you to write back? I find this a very engaging strategy and saw it work for my brand and many others. Notice I’ve written, “React to my email,” not “our email” or “this email.” A first-person human-to-human approach would be the engaging way to call that play.
  • Just ask. Interactivity 101: Just post a question.. If it’s done in a social network, blog post, online group or forum, or on a Q&A platform like Quora, asking followers for important, insightful and topical questions produces some of the most engaging and thought-provoking social networking interaction of all.


E Is For Expression 


“E “is for” expression “because of the interaction of social and mobile devices, rendering the ubiquitous smartphone a personal expression machine.


Whether you create content doesn’t matter. The camera can be front or rear-facing. Audio may be on or off. Filters, emojis, stickers and so on can or may not be used. Posts can be irreversible or self-destructive. I might go on, but I think you’re going to get the idea. Smartphone applications make it possible for people to express themselves in some way, and so on.


Here are a number of ways that you should inspire your viewers to build content for your brand: 


  • Hash it out. The hashtag has become a click-to-connect ticket to bond with like-minded individuals. Do a little hashtag research first, or hash out a unique phrase that reflects your brand, if you put something of interest out there. Hit that # key and invite followers to jump in and have content related to the hashtag
  • Conduct contests with media uploads. Many social media fans enjoy Instagram and Facebook competitions and are especially interested in the styles of original images and videos shooting and sharing. Contests can also call for other means of self-expression, such as recettes, photographs, drawings, poetry, essays, etc.
  • Reviewers at the rally. Reviews, reviews, and testimonials were woven into the fabric of eCommerce sales spaces and beyond, thanks to pioneers such as Amazon and Yelp.
  • Showcase clients, employees, and staff. When you do anything like that, imagine designing outreach campaigns that include clients, allies, and staff to catalyze your culture, strengthen your message, and empower outsiders by presenting them with a forum to articulate themselves.


I Is For Incentive


I listed various types of digital content (such as competitions), but the word “gamification” has yet to be implemented. People enjoy playing games, competing, keeping score and, most of all, winning. They like to do so particularly on social media.


Satisfy the competitive nature of your audience by adding convincing opportunities to your social media competitions. As bonuses go, lucrative awards tend to be the largest, but you will be shocked to see how only small rewards continue to offer a major lure.


O Is For Offer


Your communication plan doesn’t need to be 100% digital or gamified. The company should reach consumers and prospects in an old fashioned manner, with enticing deals such as: 


  • Instant coupons and rewards 
  • Membership clubs 
  • Pick the promotional promotions 
  • Free delivery.


Facebook makes for quick promotion of deals. The “deal ad” is the theme of the Facebook ad collection. Offer ads can be redeemed online and/or saved by Facebook fans to be redeemed in-store.


This Facebook support page provides the following best practices: 


  • Allow large discounts. More customers can hit deals of free products or at least 20 per cent off discounts.
  • Using an enticing picture. Images of people using a product often perform better by themselves than images of a product, and all perform better than logos generally.
  • Fixed deadline for expiry. Give people a couple of days to explore and accept an offer, and give time for sharing the deal with friends. An offer has an optimal length of 7 days.
  • Promote your deal: Add it to the top of your Page after you have created an ad for your product to help make it visible.


U Is For Utility


Today, engagement and utility are close friends on the internet.


Data from a Digital Marketing Association interactive communication study survey and ion interactive shows the top two factors for using interactive content: (1) teaching the viewer, and (2) interacting.


A vast number of experienced B2B marketers placed utility at the core of their digital marketing programmes. Helpful content created to engage prospective consumers could include resources, blog posts, images, infographics, interactive manuals, mini-courses, helpful email sequences, webinars and many more.

Engage Your Followers Today


How will you AEIOU engagement with your brand? Here’s a quick review:

  • (A)sk questions.
  • Invoke (E)xpression.
  • Provide (I)ncentives.
  • Make (O)ffers.
  • Deliver (U)tility.

I hope you found these ideas and examples useful — and engaging!