While it is definitely something to boast about, with thousands and thousands of social followers, the number means little that those followers ignore your brand. The engagement of brands that promote more engagement among their audiences are generally awarded greater visibility and organic reach is key to success for social media marketing.


In today’s challenging social media environment, all of these things— a large number of supporter, an active public and a boost in organic visibility — are big accomplishments, but they’re not their ultimate goal. Finally, your blood, sweat, and tears will contribute to leadership and success in your social media campaigns.


Another good news is that you are part of the finish line if you have already mastered social media interaction. But how do you turn regular conversations in social media into actionable sales leads?


STEP 1: Dig Into Your Data




Discover your information about what the most sales advantages for your business are for the social media platform. Start there. Start there. Then learn, what your audience in social media is talking about and what your brand is all about.


But don’t stick to the social media pages and profiles of conversations. Rather, break into relevant groups and thematic pages where people engage in real conversations (although this happens ideally also on your pages). While it is easy to tap the search functions of social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter), social media listening apps make it easy for you to stay on top of the hot topics.


STEP 2: Use convos to uncover hidden Discontents and Customers Pain Points



Social media users are not shy about sharing their true opinions, so dive into the discussions your target clients are having to gather valuable insights into the challenges they face and what prevents them from purchasing. Start engaging in these discussions and asking questions — on and off the brand’s social media profiles.


Followers who feel ignored don’t often turn into regular customers and enthralling followers, but once you’ve included them in conversation, you have to follow through. Use the Social Media Management Platform to leave no comments unrecognized and no questions unanswered.


STEP 3: Build more value-added deals



It’s quick to get your fans to sign up for freebies that create interest. But to keep them coming back and moving through the sales funnel, you have to deliver real value every step of the way. It means going beyond. To create targeted offers and useful contents that answer questions and help address buying objections. Use the experience you have been learning from dialogue, data mining and software. Is it most necessary for your target customer? When costs are high, case studies and examples demonstrate how the products or services help to optimize ROI. Or bundle value-added packages and services in order to create an irresistible offer. What about a discount or an opportunity to win six months or free subscription?


STEP 4: Allow Easy Sharing



The best marketing tool in your arsenal is your followers when you need to get more eyes on your content and offers. Make it easy for followers to share compelling content and valuable experiences when you offer them. Encourage sharing to get a bigger boost in reach.


Most users know how to share a social media post on a social network, but what about people who click and read content until they find it worth sharing? Consider networking a no-brainer by strategically placing buttons on your site for social media sharing. They not only serve as a reminder of sharing but also make sharing practically effortless.


STEP 5: Building Specific Landing Pages for Social Media



Make sure the message is completely aligned with your calls-to-action and deliver messaging in the material of the social media that brings users to each landing page.


This is where the magic comes to pass. You’ve got their attention once you’ve won the coveted click — but now you’ve got to keep it. Landing pages should be succinct and persuasive, with a value that is significant enough to obtain the email address of the prospect or other contact details. You have successfully converted a social media follower into a bonafide prospect after you have passed the hurdle.


Therefrom, you can qualify them, kick-off automated, personalized drip campaigns and introduce the other lead nurturing measures to keep pushing them through the sales funnel.


While this process will assist you in transforming social media interactions into actionable sales leads, it is not a one-time initiative. Like all marketing material, doing this right means constantly tracking conversations to stay in touch with your audience, evaluating and refining your content, and adapting your deals to their current and most pressing needs and desires.


STEP 6: Embed a call-to-action



If you don’t demand what you want, you won’t get it — so don’t shy away from putting a straightforward call for action into your social media posts. Even something as easy as “Learn more” will carry users onto your landing pages. The secret to successful Social Media calls for action?


Actionable terms like:


  • Defended your spot 
  • Download 
  • Click here to … 
  • Learn more 
  • Receive your copy


Creating a sense of urgency with phrases like:


  • Closing Day 
  • Final Call Just 
  • 2 spots remaining


Mind being honest and not being too commercial. You may find the claim that only five remaining products are hard to swallow if your followers know well that half a million products are in your warehouse. Never sacrifice trust, but leverage the knowledge you’ve gained from conversation mining with messaging, such as “Back to popular demand,” or “You asked for it, so we delivered it,” to make it clear not only that you’re listening to your audience, but that you actually care about what they have to say.