How To Convert Your Website Into A Lead-Generic Tool In 5 Easy Steps


Your website’s homepage is often ignored. It is the most viewed web page for many B2B websites. As a consequence, this presents a huge potential for lead-gen. Almost every B2B marketer forgets this.


So, is your Homepage producing the leads it should have?


What’s your site’s really significant page? Obviously your homepage, Right?


Okay then, What’s your website’s second most visited page? Are there any services? What are the products? 


In reality, none of them. It’s all about your Homepage, As Leadscribe says.


And I think it might be your site’s much-underrated lead gen tool. Because, why so many frenzied CMOs are running around, wondering how many leads they get from their “HOME” page?


I never really thought or heard of any of them. Did you?


What could be so much about B2B Prospects visiting your page?


Companies are struggling to comprehend the internet marketing dynamics. This works similarly to ads in real life. But it’s far from that. Let me describe this to you as it corresponds to your link. Say you’re going to attend a professional team or trade show. You want some new customers to pick up.


Some random guy you meet inquires you what you do. You reply, “With this so and so software, I cut the time-to-hire by 30%. That lowers the cost of recruiting and gives me hires of high quality.”  “Wow, how do you do such things? Tell your perspective.


And you launch a 1-2-minute conversation about how you’re doing it.


We like to get to know you better now that you have inspired the target with a great gain and develop confidence by showing someone how it works.


So, let’s bring this situation into the web. You will please your clients with your home page. You’re talking about that hiring process and how this works a little bit.


But they still want to get a better understanding of your business.


That’s going to happen on your website. Observe how it functions? It’s exactly the same system. Online versus offline, it just looks a bit different.


That’s going to happen on your website. Observe how it functions? It’s exactly the same system. Online versus offline, it just looks a bit different.


So how does your homepage become a huge, invisible opportunity for the Lost Lead Gen?


With the theory that you’ve just discovered about how websites and pages work, it’s easy. Your customers survived long so much on your site to be satisfied with what you’re doing, the rewards and how you’re doing it.


We like you who want to know more about you. So you’ve set up a solid friendship.


Ask what to do next to your future prospects! Get them on your list so you can go even further with the connection.


How do most of the pages do is totally wrong and how they’re destroying the interests of prospects?


  • Discussing how many years the firm has been in operation 


  • Bringing up the company’s operations often


  • Never use a call-to-action throughout the text itself


Sadly, many businesses wouldn’t understand the potential with such methods that they fritter away. So it’s your opportunity to take advantage of it.


Note, and this extends to digital marketing, in particular, there is no “complete” process. It’s due to it’s unique from any website. Each business uses its own labelling.


There are ways to do things than there are others. But elegance? Impossible to just do. A lot of split-testing occurs.


But if you have a huge advertising budget so huge traffic on the website, that’s only worth your money and time.


That being said, let’s clarify the simple guidelines which can make the lead generation machine you require from your Homepage:


1. Informing the benefits of your business in the story form


Stories are part of the repertoire of every B2B and B2C marketer. The explanation for this? Stories slide right through the reluctance of your potential client to buy. They’re only doing it because the human brain and mind simply function like that.


And this is why all sorts of promotional stories work. Your site is the best place to speak in story form about your business.


Thought about what web website B2B buyers see on virtually every single page? Boring, flat, and structured copy that tries to make a big and exciting company look.


It doesn’t matter to them. Saying a simple, narrative story makes buying from you so much easier.


2. Consider the predicaments and sensations that affect your prospects


The issue/remedy model for virtually any form of copy is the “go-to” of the copywriter. It is indeed the perfect time to get acquainted with your customers on the about tab.


We address business issues as well as individual professional concerns. Using the instance of recruitment software, you might discuss 


  • How lengthy hires take 


  • How high they cost 


The sum of money that goes to waste 


  • How humiliated and ineffective the hiring manager feels that the hiring manager doesn’t look good for his coworkers or supervisor 


  •  The struggle in implementing tasks due to increased turnover.


3.The Solution


You convince everyone you understand their condition when you explicitly explain the issue of your prospects like this. Now that you’re interested in showing them the answer. You don’t need to be around long. Only one or two paragraphs are doing the job. More info about the alternative can be found on your home page and services tab.


4. Render Trustworthiness


Hmm, at last! You’re going to talk about your business. Now you can chat about your business years, creators, big-name buyers, honours you’ve received, noteworthy press references, why you began your venture, etc.


Neither gives up. You want to give as much detail as practicable from third parties, in particular. That might mean having one or two testimonials.


The latter also makes having a call-to-action to access your email list a fantastic place.


What for? Since you have shown that you can fix their problems with your plan. Once they hit the next segment, they’re going to click and get lost all around the place.


So, asking them to join your list now is safest.


5. With regard to you


You may restrict this segment to your corporate leadership if you’re a large company. You could do a short profile for every worker when you have plenty of enthusiasm.


Involve professional qualifications and the firm’s role. But that there, don’t leave. Mention 1-3 items that each person enjoys outside of work.


That made it more real and believable to everyone. And that in the long run, the number of leads you get from this site increases.


6. Additional Technique: Draw that image in the vision of your prospect


When you address the problem and remedy and develop your reputation, ensure that your prospects in their minds will adequately understand these circumstances.


Like this: “The administrator puts his hands up in the air and laughs as he discovers the 21% drop in productivity. You feel more relaxed, comfortable and assured in the knowledge that you have a safe job. But everyone else in your workplace is smiling at you and nodding, showing you the appreciation you’ve won. Rewards become more meaningful when they’re more concrete. Feel it better. And thus, more substantive.


This converts into something more valuable.


So every Homepage tells their story and shows clearly how they can give value to businesses. It contains a call-to-action. And it’s also sweet. On your website, you don’t have to be funny. It’s a nice bonus, though.


What can I do better? This is not the most satisfying esthetically regarding the website. Particularly, when compared with the others you’ve seen.


Moral of the story: your website is an incredible resource for lead-gen. If you have not yet looked at it closely, think about it sooner.