Getting better quality of Facebook leads can be a success and a missed. Advertisements can work incredibly well on most sectors and industries like health/fitness, hospitality and big brands. Not so much for others, particularly B2B. However not within the beginning.


If you’ve been conducting Ads on Facebook a while and are even producing leads from this but discovering that lead consistency isn’t fantastic or that they don’t always migrate to your Google Ads at a comparable rate of conversion, this article is only for you.


Following are a few of the ways I’ve been able to greatly increase the level of inquiry-to-sign upconversion for a Facebook advertising strategy and these strategies will work for you too; particularly if you run a B2B campaign, something which normally does not really work well on Facebook as well.



Note: Although I’ve just mentioned Facebook here, all the principle applies to Instagram too.


1) Review Messaging



Paid ads like google, in which you have better control of the amount and sort of incoming traffic through your landing page using keywords, you do not have that choice with Facebook.



Alternatively, you have 2 key strategies to maintain the traffic costs to a minimum and appropriate‚ÄĒ the targeting preferences and your copy of the advertisement.



Finding the perfect targeted mix isn’t an accurate science and the only way of finding out what fits for your campaign is to build loads of different markets in different ad packs so that you can find to see which ones do the best.



The product description (The ad copy) is where you can avoid the passing through of poor quality leads by making it clear the quality proposition of your service or product. Say you’re selling corporate accounting software, for instance, and your ideal company is a small too big organization with at least 1 K employees.



With an ad that specifically addresses something more along with the terms of “Appropriate for businesses for 2K+ workers,” you may avoid leads from small business owners, single individual operations and freelancers.



Yes, many people might not read the advertising copy so you might be able to interact with providing an abridged version of the picture with the text to ensure it is not skipped. 



Likewise, think of your future customers ‘ preferences with a deal such as yours or whether there is everything you need to inform them before they make an inquiry.



For instance, if free trials are commonplace with salary software (yes, they are) and that you don’t give one, it’s better to say that in your letter, to maintain lead demand high actively or passively.



2) Analyze Where Your Bid Sits In The Advertising Funnel



Marketing funnels throughout all different sizes depending on who you inquire. Most are going to say that there are only four phases, the standard A.I.D.A model (Attention, Interest, Want, and Action), and some are in line to a more concrete plan with additional steps.



Whatever one you use against your digital strategy structure, every marketing strategy or product would slip into those average client life cycles. And, at such different phases, the temperament and attitude of the traffic level can vary.



Extending on our instance above, consumers who were just starting to look for salary (payroll) software are much more likely to wind up reading a blog post on this thread (especially those who provide purchase assistance) or to enrol for a webinar or to obtain a whitepaper.  Users that are further along the funnel who may have preferred to have introduced a new major-scale payroll program may interact with more sales-oriented content such as accessing a pamphlet, while users who are close to the bottom of the funnel, i.e. ready to buy, may go ahead and cancel a demo.



How well your bid fits with the different levels of your average buying process will also have a major impact on the lead quality of your Facebook advertising, so you need to ensure you take that into account while designing your advertisements and promotions.



You might even go ahead and sign up for free trial for minimal-involvement decisions, or someone searching for a simple answer like Quick-books, whilst the initial investment is small and the cost of changing provider is virtually zero.




Nonetheless, when someone is accountable for discovering a new billing system for just a 1000+ employees business as well as the expense to change is significant they’ll most probably want to figure out more about the item (white papers, case studies, webinars), particularly when they haven’t learned of the product before. We can opt to schedule a demo or on-site visit after a few more connection points.


3) Make effective use of the audiences 



Facebook’s audience-related tools are very where they fall in and you’re using them to their full potential to help enhance the quality of your leads. Here are a few ways to get there:




  • Finding new leads on the basis of your most dedicated past users
  • Find New Leads Based on Your Common Interested Users who are active




After you have built your customized audiences, you can build a Lookalike based community from it.



Basically, you’re putting the enormous computational power of Facebook, as well as the enormous amount of data it has on us to find new users (your current Lookalike audience), just like those you’ve chosen. However, what’s amazing is that sometimes the lookalike audience of Facebook will, however, outpace your very own, customer information!





So, we have it already. Three Ways to improve the quality of your Facebook Ads & leads.¬†Just like with Ads or Windows Advertising (yep, that is what is now called Bing ads), it’s important to check all.¬†



Trying to target engagement in ads on Facebook is what keyword are for Google Ads, so I suggest that you create multiple small ad sets for each specific’ mixture’ of interest you’ve developed. This will help you to quickly determine not only which advertisements perform better, but also which types of your users ‘ interests/demographics are most engaged‚ÄĒ it data includes valuable insights that you can integrate into your other marketing forms.



If you’ve tried anything else that worked for you or had your own idea, then we would look forward to hearing it.