You’ve been writing a well-researched blog post for two hours that will help your consumers make major time out. You post it online, send it a week and search with bated breath on the analytics.


Unfortunately, the traffic online is already on a weak flat line.


Some have predicted that across the globe, by 2021, there would be 3.02 billion social media consumers.


So why not use such vibrant ecosystems to the good of your blog? You’ll learn just how to sell your blog on social media with these 10 ideas.


Start being popular and using these traffic-driving strategies to improve your blog!


1. Know Your Visitors


It helps to learn your readers first before you continue to go online post-crazy.


Who is a potential audience? What are the core issues and interests?

Split it into categories, and build profiles for writers. Recognizing who your fans are will help you find out how to speak about them.


Consider it a task to find out just where they invest their time.


Any citizens have one single account on social media. Others are signed into each network. If you have established the target user, decide what site they are utilizing the most.


Getting the reaction at hand will make things much simpler to take phase two.


2. Begin Small 


Because you decide where your readers are going to invest their time, you always decide where to spend your time.


Many businesses are choosing to post anywhere and everywhere. However, opting to spend your energy and resources on the correct networks will aid in changing up your game on social networking.


Start small with a single or two social networks. This means you can invest your time studying how to sell your blog to your target group on that page.


Selections are rendered from various sources. The one(s) from which you begin, depends on your readers.


In each platform, these are the monthly active users:


  • Facebook: 2.27 billion
  • Twitter: 326 million
  • Instagram: 1 billion
  • LinkedIn: 260 million
  • Pinterest: 250+ million
  • Snapchat: 255 million
  • YouTube: 1.9 billion


If all of your readers are business professionals, maybe start with LinkedIn. Meanwhile, there are potentially more visual readers on Instagram or Facebook.


Check the metrics – the results will help you decide where the current blog traffic originates.


Therefore, the sites that are now functioning to improve the blog will get more exposure.


3. Creating a Network


Don’t just post and spirit! Then start developing a network inside the business with other individuals.


Creating connections is a significant move toward progress as a novice blogger.


The real-time features of Twitter make it the perfect forum for developing the partnership. Within your niche consider the other bloggers. In your area, the top writers and influencers will even help you locate the right followers.


Attempt a Google search or scroll through the hashtags, if you’re uncertain where to continue. However, don’t bombard your own followers with a lot of trash – then, spread out the updates to make sure you’re just posting stuff you think is nice.


You may also pose questions or launch a shout out to communicate.


Then start to follow, post, and retweet.


4. Pick them out



Twitter may also be used to divide users from different lists. Create a Twitter list for the influencers just to begin with.


Reach out to this public as you write new blog articles. Let them know that you feel the post could be important.


Don’t neglect to keep updated on what the influencers are writing.


The blog posts will provide you with connections and insightful material for potential blog articles. Only let them know whether you connect to their stuff. They are more likely then to share your latest message.


You may build a sharers list too.


The guide will classify the users who would most definitely share the content with their community.


5. Start Off Conversations 


Do the influencers pose concerns regarding their followers? Don’t feel ashamed of getting in on your own feelings.


Mind to live online be polite. You reflect your brand in any single statement or message.


Again – Don’t annoy your followers. Otherwise, you will begin to lose your online audience.


Carry on interactions then. During such discussions, when you decide how to advertise your site, you can find opportunities to share your material.


6. Sharing Is Caring


Don’t worry about any post about your own stuff. Alternatively, post the news with your fans and influencers and useful tools.


Sharing this information would inform the followers that you are willing to support to decide how useful information can be selected.


Although your own content doesn’t necessarily benefit from this, it does help your name. Now your followers should accept you as a useful resource.


7. Get your hashtags and learn your networks 


There is a long way to go with a little science.


Understanding how to use hashtags to advertise your blog will further grow your reach.


Next, create a list of the hashtags important to your business. Goal five to eight.


Then, decide the unique hashtags for each blog entry. If you are preparing posts in advance, you can save a lot of time getting this chart handy.


Just make sure to catch up with the latest news on social media.


8. Share on Social 


For each social media platform, do not copy and paste the same snippet.


Instead, each account must have different strategies. This refers to hashtags, influencers, and even to the sharer’s list also.


Your social networking automation app (such as Sked Social!) will help you curate the caption for any social network site and you don’t have to hashtag when you don’t have to.


9. Find a Community 


Billions of users are online. You’ll need to find your audience for a productive blog.


Post the ideas with those who are perfect. Encourage their community to share your content. This causes a domino effect, which allows you to reach out to new readers (and future clients).


Don’t be afraid to call for their help.


You will share your content with your readers in order too.


Your blogging popularity is in the hands of a global audience.


You’ll learn how to promote your blog on social media without tension with these essential tactics. Gain traffic-driving performance with these tips improving the site.