Are you preparing to welcome 2020 by adopting new marketing trends? According to Leadscribe’s social media experts, these are the biggest social media trends you need to learn about by 2020.


Here is a summary of the greatest developments of social media in 2020.


  • Social media is going to come back to its origins.

  • influencer marketing will have to be genuine and true.

  • Brands will need a voice that is real.

  • Social media is going to be part of the work for everyone.

  • The backlash of users is going to grow.

  • In order to advance social media marketing, marketers will need to identify sophistication to social media.

  • Facebook will completely dominate the marketing of B2B content.

  • It’ll just keep on increasing the use of messaging apps.


Social Media Trend #1: Social media is going to come back to its origins.


Social media will be coming back to its origins— apart from either a mass marketing truck and back to a straightforward approach driven by communication. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel expected this several years ago. As of the time, everybody assumed he was insane and only made the claim so the connection between “phonebook-style” is at Snapchat’s core. All happens for a reason, huh? But he’d been on the mark.


Such elements are progressively being addressed by social media: paid ads, customer service, expiration, intimate “stories” and small group messaging (instead of mails).


On Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram DMs and more, there will be fewer public encounters and much more private interactions. What’s social darkness? Why is that important? Explain this article.


2020 could be the year in which users tend to use LESS public social media, even because the use of social media per se continues to increase.


Social Media Trend #2: Influencer Marketing Need To Be Genuine and Trustworthy


Though influencers can still be incredibly successful in reaching new markets and creating new content for companies, the challenge will be the credibility of that relationship. Mandated collaborations are seen by viewers, they recognize when they are being exploited and they are sick of both. Just because a product connects a social celebrity or someone with a big follower doesn’t mean that it’s going to be an immediate win.


Indeed, Salesbunny reported that 46 percent of customers are tired of inauthentic influencer content, and 60 percent of customers believe influencer endorsements benefit impressive audiences.


Social Media Trend #3: Brands Will Need a Human Voice



It’s important to be aware of your identity with so many conflicting messages and choices to make every day for your company, and what helps your audience love you first. Going back to basics and being mortal in your articles not only can make your audience happy but also can make your choices on publishing that much easier.


Note, in order to be professional, you “do not need to be official!


Social Media Trend #4: Social Media Will Grow As a Component of Everyone’s Work


For moreover a decade, social media has always been a central portion of the business. Gone are the days when it was only supposed to occur on lunch breaks to “check on that Social media thing.” The market is regularly conducted through and through social media in today’s world. Like all other disruptive technologies, social media has progressed from the age of invention to a time where social networking sites skills are required as part of the job of all.


Sets of social media expertise are beyond the tasks of marketing and interaction. In customer service, HR, sales and analysis, are less often required, but especially crucial. Also in roles that are not directly linked to content, messaging, design, leadership, sales or service, we still ask staff to be interested in social media to support the firm’s internal campaigning efforts. Employee engagement services continue to be a top trend as their effectiveness in humanizing a brand and enhancing storytelling on a scale is evident.


Social Media Trend #5: Social media will proceed to control the marketing of B2B content


Social media was the top natural distribution network for content marketing for B2B and the top paid distribution network for content marketing for B2B content in 2019. This phenomenon showing no signs of subsidizing, so advertisers will have to continue investing in content marketing in social media. In addition, advertisers must view their campaigns on each social networking platform as unique and tailored to the needs of their individual audiences, as social content is not one-size-fits-all at all.


Social Media Trend #6: The Use of Messaging Apps Will Recommence to raising


As the use of public social media decreases, it will continue to increase the use of messaging apps. These include Snapchat, Messenger from Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. For advertisers, the apps come with a host of new possibilities (and obstacles). The award: millions of active monthly users, including popular customers of Millennial and Gen Z.


Social Media Trend #7: Brands Will Need to Fix their Maturity in Social Media 


First, without knowing where they should be with their social media maturity, B2C marketers hopefully won’t get more from their social marketing investments.


They should learn about the skills that influence the social media maturity of a brand, how to determine your own stage of maturity, and what next steps to take to improve their approach as we.


Social media is not what it once was, and the most effective social media marketers will evolve their strategy based on where and how they want to interact with customers.