Three Ways of Content Personalisation to Increase your Website Traffic

Content Marketing

Until some years ago, the Google search engine gave the same results for queries to all people. But today, when we search Google for something we all get different results. The resulting website content will be in a way that directly addresses our individual needs and wants. This is known as personalization of website content. It creates a more personalized experience for visitors.

Personalization of your website content is the process of creating customized content for users in a way that satisfies their needs and wants. Demographics such as age and gender, geographics such as location, psychographics such as buying behaviour, taste, purchase choices etc.. are employed while personalizing your content. This helps in knowing the target audience and creating apt content for them. It also influences your search ranking. 

Customizing your content results in a low bounce rate, increased traffic,  prolonged time of visit, more share rate, higher interaction. Website communication focuses on gathering and guiding your audience. SEO helps in bringing people to your website and content personalization helps in guiding them while browsing through the website and letting them know what they want. Personalized content resonates well with your customers.

A personalized content strategy can be implemented through:

  • CONTENT AUDITING : It involves analysing the content for its purpose thereby knowing the buyer’s journey. Contents can be informative, thought-provoking and decision-making. Understanding and incorporating these type of content helps in boosting interaction as well as communication.
  • PROFILING USER DATA : User data is collected from funnel results, conversations, google analytics and similar methods. Data gathered in this way is segregated and sorted into different audience segments. Hence, making it easier for personalizing content for a specialized audience. 
  • EVOLVING PERSONALIZED CONTENT AND SERVING IT TO THE INTENDED AUDIENCE : Customer profiling helps in knowing the needs and wants of the customers and thereby providing content that goes with it. It also helps marketers to increase the relevance of their content. The content shall be in a way that customers at any point of the buyer’s journey might be able to understand it.  Adding ‘tell me more’ options helps in engaging customers, tracking their data and tracking them.

Personalized content is appealing and persuasive. It should make customers feel that they are being addressed individually and their needs are heard. Listed are some easy and effective ways to implement personalization in your content marketing strategy:


Content recommendations are one of the easiest ways of personalization which don’t require the collection of user data. This is done through related posts plugins and connecting links at the bottom of blogs. Adding related posts is a non-intrusive way to render additional information to customers so that they are more interested. Hence, increasing the time customers spend on your website.


Personalizing your content on the basis of country helps in adding value to your content, without triggering the privacy concerns of customers. Websites can be set up to provide different content based on user IP. Different business and industries can take advantage of this in many ways.


Newcomers to your site may not know where to start looking for information. They may also not have enough trust in your brand. They are unlike repeated visitors and have different needs. To build their trust and to guide them while on your website, induction pages like ‘about us’, ‘sign-in’ pages can be designed. For returning visitors, who have already visited your introduction page, maybe now updated about your latest innovations, products or services.

Personalization helps in enhancing user experiences and results in an increased rate of conversion and revenue for your business. If you have decided to take your content marketing strategy to the next level, experimenting with a couple of steps mentioned above would do more good.