Why a Customer Should Run After you?

Digital Marketing Trends

The greatest challenge for a business organization is to discover customers from a world of strangers. This discovery can be a highly costly process because it garners a lot of NOs along the way to your ideal customer, a method which many companies cannot afford to use. Traditional methods used in this process like cold calling turns out to be inefficient as only a mere two percent of cold calls find success ( that is 2 out of 100 calls) according to a Forbes article. The data also makes sense because almost everybody hates to be at the receiving end of a cold sales call. So then how would such a stranger discover your company or even want to? 

‘Lead’ the way

When a stranger shows interest in your company and its product or service, you have made one less stranger in the world and one more lead. Lead generation is the process involved in attracting and converting a stranger into someone who shows an interest in the company’s product or service. Leads are the foundation upon which a business survives through time. But attracting strangers to your website and converting them into quality leads is a challenging task. 

Still, it is always better to earn their attention than to buy it. Successful companies employ different methods to optimize their website traffic and increase the quality of their leads. Following are the key methods of lead generation used by these companies to establish a profitable customer base.

Google AdWords to rank you first in the landing page 

Google AdWords is an online advertising agency that help marketers reach their potential customers easily and faster than ever. Different campaigns can be run through the search networks, display networks, videos and universal app campaigns using Google AdWords with a limited budget. 

When google advertises a company it usually displays the top and bottom of the SERP or Search Engine Result Page with paid results or ads of these companies. Google AdWords drive the traffic to these landing pages from the highly relevant keywords that matches with the customer’s intent of a company’s product or service.

Keyword targeting is an important factor while devising methodologies for generating leads. The keywords that one enter into the search engine can be classified into – ‘High intention keywords’, ‘Low intention keywords’ and ‘Research intention keywords’. 

High intention keywords carries a customer conversion potential with it. It often includes the term ‘service’ or related terms. The chances of people typing these keywords, getting converted into customers and making a purchase decision are high. To track these high intention keywords and know which of them are relevant for your niche, many apps like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends can be employed. 

Low intention keywords are typed by people who have a vague intention to engage with the market. They may or may not be ready to buy the product. Whereas research intention keywords focuses on simply learning about the company and its products. 

Using Google AdWords helps you generate, nurture and follow up your leads at a faster rate, and within a limited budget. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media websites allow individuals and businesses to interact with each other and build relationships and communities online. This gives consumers a chance to directly interact with companies. Social media channels facilitate virtual communities that allow consumers to express their needs, wants and values. Social Media Marketing aims at connecting the right audience with the right companies that mutually satisfy their needs, wants and values. 

This interaction benefits both the potential customers and the company. A feeling of loyalty is instilled in a would-be customer from this personal interaction. While a customer benefits from having the freedom to express his concerns directly to the company in the presence of like-minded followers of the company’s product or service. Hence they become active participants rather than passive onlookers to the growth and representation of the brand image of that company. 

Blogs to boost your lead’s interest 

Blog is a communication channel between a company and its customers. Blogs provide more visibility to your company’s product or services. They are beneficial in the sense that they drive the traffic into your website and gives the opportunity to turn that traffic into leads. Adding a call-to-action button in blogs really helps in generating leads. 

Effective SEO using AI 

As search engines have become better at keyword-ing, technologies like AI makes it easy to provide and promote quality content-based results. There is a shift from SEO specialists looking for keywords optimization to content and theme optimization. 

Search engines, like Google search engine, calls for sophisticated requirements for page rankings, challenging the companies to devise techniques to counter it. Marketers also use the same technology of AI to get enhanced options in content marketing and ranking their page to establish a market presence. 

Nowadays customers look forward to companies for producing content that focuses on their individual concerns and needs. AI can be used to devise cohesive strategies for personalizing your contents. From collecting data to writing the content and everything in between, AI has become a pertinent part of digital marketing.

The aforementioned methods can be used to attract and convert strangers into would-be customers. Amidst the tremendous traffic into your website, your prospective quality leads can be filtered out through proper implementation of these lead generation methods.  The more you tweak and test these methods of the lead generation process, the more you will improve your lead quality and increase revenue. Also, the potential customers discover the company’s products or services that fits into their demands by connecting with its multiple digital platforms.